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Donmily Invisible Skin Melt HD Swiss Glueless Lace 5x5 Straight Closure Wig
Donmily Invisible Skin Melt HD Swiss Glueless Lace 5x5 Straight Closure Wig
Donmily Invisible Skin Melt HD Swiss Glueless Lace 5x5 Straight Closure Wig
Discount Price: $163.90
save: $40.98
Total Price: $204.88
Donmily Hair 13x4 HD Lace Front Straight Human Hair Wigs 250% Density
Donmily Hair 13x4 HD Lace Front Straight Human Hair Wigs 250% Density
Donmily Hair 13x4 HD Lace Front Straight Human Hair Wigs 250% Density
Discount Price: $277.60
save: $69.40
Total Price: $347.00

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Transparent wigs are the color of the transparent lace wig. Choosing transparent lace wig requires you to refer to and research the color because unlike HD lace wigs, which are almost transparent when worn on the head, transparent hd lace wig come in four standard colors: clear, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. You only have to choose the right transparent wigs color to match your skin tone better.  Donmily best transparent lace wig for sale: Invisible lace wig, transparent lace front wig, transparent full lace wigs, 100% human hair wigs with baby hair, affordable price.

What is a transparent lace wig?

Transparent laces are commonly made of French or Swiss laces. These invisible laces are very thin and natural on light skin tone. You don't have to consider to color or bleach lace frontal or closure. Transparent laces are mostly white versions of normal laces.

Is transparent lace good lace?

Transparent lace is very thin and breathable, so the lace looks more difficult to discover just like your real scalp. The best part is transparent lace makes less obvious knots. It is also worth mentioning that this invisible lace is excellent for any skin tone.

What are the differences between HD lace wigs and transparent wigs?

1. The degree of skin color adaptation: HD lace wigs are better than transparent wigs
The first and most important point is that HD lace wigs and transparent wigs have different degrees of compatibility with skin tone. Because transparent wigs only have a few basic colors, so you have to choose transparent wigs that are closest to your forehead, but generally speaking, it is difficult to buy transparent wigs offline to match your skin tone, offline shopping malls may not have more appropriate color photos, if it is on line If you buy it online, the color you see with the naked eye is not the same as the color you receive in kind. It's harder to see its true color online, and if you buy transparent wigs that don't match your skin tone, you may have to bleach them to get a better wearing effect. But HD lace wigs because it is originally a very transparent color, no matter what skin color girls can buy HD lace wigs, and will not have an unnatural wearing effect, HD lace wigs are suitable for all kinds of skin colors.
2. Wearing comfort: HD lace wigs are softer than transparent wigs
Both transparent wigs and HD lace wigs are able to create a very natural hairline, but in comparison, HD lace wigs have a lighter material, which is why it is the most natural wig. The lighter material also makes HD lace wigs more comfortable to wear, it is very soft and comfortable. Transparent wigs, on the other hand, are relatively harder, maybe a little itchy for people with sensitive skin, and may produce a little irritation when worn. In the summer, HD lace wigs will be your better choice, will not let you wear a wig and let the skin be allergic or feel any discomfort.
3. Stability: Transparent wigs are more stable than HD lace wigs
Because the material of HD lace wigs is very light and breathable, to create the most natural effect for you, so many times you can understand that the light material things are very easy to tear, accidentally you may force some big maybe HD lace wigs ripped. transparent wigs although not so natural in wearing effect, it is more solid than HD lace wigs. lace wigs are more solid, and will not be easily torn open.
4. Price: Transparent wigs are cheaper than HD lace wigs
The material determines their different prices. The light and breathable material make HD lace wigs have a high price, if you especially pursue high quality and like to wear the natural effect, then HD lace wigs are your better choice. transparent wigs will be relatively cheaper, if you do not have a high budget, you can consider transparent wigs.

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