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Why I Suggest You Try Short Wolf Cut?

Aug 04,2023 | Jessica

Short wolf cut has been on fire since last year. I will tell you the advantages of the short wolf cut. What reason do you have for rejecting this handsome hairstyle?

short wolf cut

Ⅰ. What is a short wolf cut?

As the name suggests, the wolf cut is a bit wild. It comes from Korea, and some well-known stylists consider it more fashionable than mullet and less fussy than shag. The main difference between the wolf cut and the classic mullet is the layers' placement. The cut of the short wolf cut is reflected in the position of the head and the bangs on the face. It can be said that the overall shape is layered. The short wolf cut is the short wolf cut, and its most iconic look consists of a lot of volumes at the top, tapering towards the bottom with heavy bangs or side bangs. The top bangs can be long or short. In the social media environment, short wolf cuts are becoming increasingly popular.

short wolf cut

Ⅱ. Why I suggest you try short wolf cut?

1. Short wolf cut is popular in 2022 and worth trying

The wolf tail cut used to be a handsome hairstyle that boys would try. With the popularity of social media such as tiktok, it has become one of the favorite hairstyles of women. Singer Billie has always been a fashion girl, and her blonde short wolf cut has more than 20 million likes on Instagram. It can be seen that the wolf tail cut shape is already a fashion trend. If you are a fashionista, why don't you try it?

short wolf cut

2. Benefits of short wolf cut

● Fluffy and stylish, with a lot of hair volume

The short wolf cut creates a strong fluffy feeling through fluffy cutting. The fluffy feeling in the front is greater than that in the back, which will give people a strong sense of visual impact. Because the center of human vision is in front of it. The signature look of the short wolf cut consists of lots of volume at the top, tapering towards the bottom with heavy bangs or side bangs. So it will look very fluffy, and it really shows a lot of volume from the front.

short wolf cut

● Personality, handsome and full marks

Short wolf cut is just like the name, "wild" like a wolf. It looks difficult to control, but because it is different from ordinary hairstyles, the messy layering and elastic volume are even more handsome and different. The short wolf cut bob wig enhances this sense of handsomeness; both women and men will look handsome.

short wolf cut

● Easy to take care of

Because the short wolf cut does not require the same maintenance as the dyeing step, and its fluffy feeling does not need to be maintained with a curling iron and hairspray, it is very easy to take care of.

short wolf cut

But you also need to prune regularly, but you can totally do it yourself. You can read my other article: how to get short cut easily. Because the key feature of the short wolf cut is the need to keep the layers short, you can prune every five to six weeks. This schedule will prevent your layers from falling and deforming around your face.




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