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The Wedge Haircut Inspired By 70's Fashion

Aug 04,2023 | Jessica

If you want to change your hairstyle and find a short and easy-to-manage hairstyle for yourself, there are probably three hairstyles to choose from: pixie haircut, bob haircut and wedge haircut, all of which are very similar and are very popular and popular short hairstyles, as described in our previous article. The pixie haircut and bob hair wig, wedge haircut are more similar to the bixie haircut, a short haircut with layers and different lengths. wedge haircut is a hairstyle suitable for all hair types and has been popular since the 1970s, so today we will introduce you to wedge haircut. Wedge haircut.

wedge haircut

Ⅰ. What is a wedge haircut?

The wedge haircut is a short hairstyle that features various layers throughout the length of the hair, with asymmetrical lengths on both sides of the hair, using a stacking technique to make the hair more layered, with flowing bangs on your forehead as an accent. The popular short haircut has become popular again in recent years among the female population. People love the wedge haircut because it can give your thin hair a full and full feeling and can shape your overly thick hair the way you want it to be. wedge haircut is not that demanding, all it can do is make your hair more perfect, and it is also a symbol of fashion and a way to make your hair unruly and messy. It is also a fashion symbol and a way to make your unruly and messy hair look more groomed.

wedge haircut

Ⅱ. How to get a wedge haircut?

1. Keep your hair wet

Before we get a haircut, we definitely need to keep our hair clean and clear, which requires us to wash our hair well to avoid leaving too much oil and secretions on our hair. But whether to blow dry your hair after washing it is something to consider. Usually in the wet state of our hair is more flattering and easier to cut the shape and effect you want, if it is an early blow-dried state of hair cutting, we will easily be affected by the fluffy dry hair, and therefore missed some hair cut. So it is more recommended that you start cutting wedge haircuts in the wet hair state.

wedge haircut
2. Cut hair in layers

First, find a midpoint from the middle of your left eyebrow, and extend it upward to create a hairline. Divide this section of hair into two equal parts from top to bottom, do the same for the right side of your hair, and take a middle line for the back of your head, dividing your hair into two parts as well. Please let each part of your hair have about the same thickness and length, and then leave the bottom part of your hair at the back of your head to be cut, while the rest of your hair can be pinned up with some small clips. Please note that a wedge haircut needs to create a strong sense of layers, so we will be more careful when parting the hair, only when you do a good job of this step to ensure that the hair is perfect.

wedge haircut

3. Trim the hair

First, we trim the back part of the head of hair, in the back part of the hair, we evenly divided it into two parts, you need to take out a little bit of hair from the middle of these two parts of the hair in multiple times, from the bottom to the top evenly trimmed this hair, cut good-looking layers out. For the next trim, you just need to follow the front to back, and take out the hair from the top to bottom cut can be.

4. Handle styling

After the wedge haircut, you need to do some styling of your hair, the freshly cut hair will be more or less frizzy, what you need to do is to make the hair look smoother and more stylish. You can use some styling spray and then use a hair dryer or heat styling tools such as straightening clips to make your hair as smooth as possible.

wedge haircut

In this article we took you through a detailed look at what a wedge haircut is and how to get a good-looking wedge haircut, hopefully, this will help you with your hair design! More wonderful hairdressing and wig information, as in Donmily!




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