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Learn How To Cut Round Face Curtain Bangs With Selena Gomez

Aug 04,2023 | Jessica

Selena Gomez is the representative of round face beauty. How does she cut the curtains bangs that she has repeatedly appeared in? Why is this kind of round face curtain bangs so popular? What is it? Don't worry, let's learn how to cut round face curtain bangs with Selena Gomez.

round face curtain bangs

Ⅰ. What is round face curtain bangs?

When it comes to curtain bangs, you may be a little unfamiliar. But you must go through the bangs, which refers to the extra hair from the temples to the earlobes to modify the face shape, which is less than the princess cut bangs. That's right, it's a face-framing bang. Nowadays, this kind of bangs is popular with many people with round faces. Round faces and curtain bangs are very suitable. We call the eight-character bangs on round faces round face curtain bangs.

round face curtain bangs

Ⅱ. Why Round face curtain bangs are popular?

1. Many advantages of round face curtain bangs

● Slim and light, with a fluffy feeling

The most annoying thing about bangs is that they tend to stick to the scalp and get oily more easily than hair elsewhere. But round face curtain bangs avoids these disadvantages. Because it is light and fluffy enough. Like the heroine of a Korean drama, the round face curtain bang's own arc will make it extra fluffy, and it is used in a small amount, so it is light and not heavy. Because it doesn't stick to the face very tightly, you don't have to worry about oil.

round face curtain bangs

 ● Modifies the face shape, ideal for round faces

The most important reason why curtain bangs are so popular on round faces is that curtain bangs are suitable for round faces. The arc of the round face curtain bangs can enhance the lines of the round face very well. No matter your face is big or small, it can be used to hide the defects of the face very well.

round face curtain bangs

● Combination of cuteness and temperament

Round face curtain bangs will not be as mature as other curtain bangs, it will be more cute and approachable. Because most impressions of round faces are cute and approachable. The round face curtain bang is more in line with the temperament of this meeting, but it adds more gentle temperament to the simple cuteness. Like a cute cat, people want to get close.

2. Celebrities effect

● Selena Gomez and round face curtain bangs

Selena Gomez must be the representative of the round-faced goddess in most people's hearts. The round face makes her recognizable and adds to her own affinity.

And Selena Gomez's round face curtain bangs on Ins some time ago is the ideal bangs for round faces. Slim, slim and textured, these curtain bangs elongate a round face and add some faux edge. Especially when the wind blows, the bangs flutter with the hair, which enhances a lot of atmosphere.

round face curtain bangs

● Dakota Johnson and round face curtain bangs

Dakota Johnson, who starred in the Fifty Shades of Grey series of movies, is also a round-faced beauty, but her face will be more skeletal than Selena Gomez, lacking the roundness and collagen that a cute temperament must have. Her Round face curtain bangs also brought fire to this bangs look. Her round face curtain bangs always strengthen the bangs on the upper part of the eyebrows, which will be thicker. But also played a strong facial retouching effect. This also increased her affinity.

round face curtain bangs

Ⅲ. Popular styles of round face curtain bangs

● Side bangs for round face

round face curtain bangs

● Round face curtain bangs curly hair

curly round face curtain bangs

● korean curtain bangs for round face: Song Hye Kyo

Ⅳ. How to cut round face curtain bangs? 

1. First, tie the hair up, leaving two finger-thick hairs from the left and right sides along the middle hair seam.

2. Divide the remaining hair into thirds, and clip the left and right sides of the hair around the earlobe

3. Straighten the middle part of the bangs and cut them straight to the nose with scissors. Then use the saw to cut the ends of the hair a little bit. Note that it must be casual, so that the bangs will appear lighter.

round face curtain bangs

4. Then put down the left and right bangs and comb them with a comb. Cut the bangs on the left first, and cut them along the downward arc. Note that it must be like the curvature of the curtain being rolled up, which is a natural curvature. The same is true for the bangs on the right.

5. After the left and right sides are cut, you can use a curling iron to roll it slightly from the outside to the inside along the arc you cut.

6. If you want to have straight bangs and round face curtain bangs, or slanted bangs and round face curtain bangs, you can deal with the bangs on both sides of your cheeks after you have cut the bangs above your eyebrows.




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