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Girls With Lots Of Hair Should Stop Being Big-Headed! Choose The Right Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Oct 13,2023 | Meru

Girls with good-looking long hair certainly need to get a hairstyle, but some girls have very thick hair, and also particularly thick, for this kind of hair we should match what hairstyle looks good?

Girls With Lots Of Hair Should Stop Being Big-Headed People! Choose The Right Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Thick Hair: Hair Design Advice

More hair or on the thick side, and the hair strands are thick and hard! Pure hairstyling advice other than face shape, body shape, and work, advice is, not for very short hair! If your hair is thick and hard, the shorter you cut it, the fluffier it is and the harder it is to manage! Because very short hair needs you to learn to take care of yourself, and every day to wash your hair, to need to modeling to take care of. Of course, if the individual likes to except, or work environment needs outside, try not to cut very short!

Thick Hair Vs Thin Hair – The Secret Of Hair Texture

I. The design of De-volume Reduction

1. Enhanced Level Short Hair.

Hair volume and thick and more, enhanced level short hair can be a good solution to this problem.

The Best Short Haircuts for Older Women

The high level short hair, the hair level drop as big as possible, so that the hair in any level surface will not produce pile up, the appearance of the hair texture will be enhanced; and with the root from the hair thinning treatment, can make the hair transparent, full of movement.

Of course, many friends with thick hair, a short haircut, the hair will be all fluffy vertical, then we must combine perm or softening and other technical means, the hair texture, flow to change, so as to achieve the target hair effect.

2. Medium Length Hair

If the hair is thick and much, but do not want to cut short hair, you can also cut into medium-length hair. Divided into a.b two designs.

a. Can be cut into the inner cut hairstyle.

First cut the haircut according to the normal medium-length hair, and then the back of the head hair into two layers, the upper layer will be clamped, the lower layer cut into men's short hair or directly with electric push shears push light. Putting the upper layer of hair down will completely cover the short hair below.


With this treatment, the back hair is reduced by half, but the appearance of the short hair below is not visible, and it will only feel like the back of the head hair is fresh and flattering. Even if you wear your hair in the summer, the back of your neck is still very breathable and you don't feel particularly hot.

If you are a brave girl, this inner cut effect can also be applied to the sides, pushing the inner layer of both sides and the back of the neck shorter, and usually put the upper layer down to cover, and ordinary medium-length hair is no different. It is only after tying your hair high that you will find the inner cut. You can be gentle at times, but cool on vacation! It is practical and hidden, trendy!

b. You can cut it into normal medium length hair and then thin it

After the cut, a lot of hair volume is removed from the inner layer with dental scissors or sharpening knife to create a sense of air and permeability. After reducing the volume, finish the haircut with a perm or straightening treatment to disguise the thinning frizziness.

The bad thing about removing a lot of thinning on hair with a lot of volume is that, after the short hair grows out inside, the surface of the hair is easy to be frizzy, and later change other hairstyles, the layers are not easy to connect.

II. The Creation Of Personality In Line With The Trend.

Since the hair is born to be thick, always cut the above haircut to remove the volume of hair, long-term no change, they will also be bored!

Why not just cut the hair style without thinning, and then perm it into a bubble head or black head, so that it is more fluffy and full, creating an exaggerated eye-catching personality effect. This design is perfect for cheerful and daring fashionable women.

But this design idea also has disadvantages: hair is a bit difficult to take care of, difficult to wash and blow, but also often consider the clothing with, most importantly, depending on their work environment allows or not.

After reading the above introduction, we should all understand that there is no such thing as a hair type that can only do which hairstyle, as long as you dare to try, the inner confidence full, tall, short, fat and thin can become beautiful scenery!

Author's Opinion To the Think Hair

This is a very abstract problem, generally speaking, hairstyles are designed according to the five senses, hair volume is the raw material for the final shape, if you are suitable for flattering straight hair, more hair volume is just a good choice, if it happens that the lines of the five senses are more suitable for curved hair, and your hair volume is more, then it is very important to examine the hairstylist's cutting and processing ability behind, how to do volume but not fluffy, sticky and natural, this is definitely a technical work.

Of course, the suitable modeling is not the same as personal favorite modeling, and their favorite modeling may not be coordinated with their own facial features, which is the reason why many times customers and hairstylists do not reach a consensus.




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