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Money Piece Hairstyle The 2023 Trends

Aug 04,2023 | Meru

Fans of the sassy, face-framing highlight rejoice - the "Money Piece" hair trend is back with a vengeance! First seen in the 1990's on celebs like Geri Halliwell, this discreetly bold look has actually made its method right back into our styling rotation. Today's money piece is softer, sexier, and ready to turn heads at the drop of a penny. Let's have a look at the attraction behind cash piece hair and the many methods it can raise your appearance.


what is money piece hair?

While initially look, a cash piece might seem simple highlights, there is a lot more to it! A much better method to describe this haute trend is to image soft babylights around the front of the hairline.

The group of colored pieces rests right in the front of the hairdo, bringing a refreshing contrast to the rest of your tresses while flaunting your beautiful face. Envision how dreamy your eyes will be with a pop of color dancing around them!

With an art to its placement, you can manage vibrantly stylish, chunky emphasize streaks by themselves, or spice things up by wearing them in addition to other balayage choices. When you look like cash, you'll feel like money.

Yahne Money Piece Golden Brown Highlight Lace Front Wig - BEYOU029

7 Reasons You Should Try Money Piece Hair

The reasons for offering this stylish style of hair a shot are really unlimited. Here are a few of the advantages to rocking this larger than life hairdo:

1. Boosted Facial Features

With a great frame of colored tresses around your face, your features will have a possibility to stick out. From brighter eyes to a more defined jaw, the money piece delivers program stopping elegance.

2. Perfect for Any Style

This beautiful color bomb has actually an included reward of looking extraordinary when coupled with any hairstyle. From a protective design of cascading Rapunzel braids, to a blunt-cut, no nonsense bob, money piece highlights bring a tip of pizzazz to any appearance.

3. Cost-Friendly

While the name suggests otherwise, have no worries. This cost effective hairdo has an unique method of making your hair appearance pricy.

4. Celebrity Approved

With superstars like Rihanna, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus all hopping aboard the money piece train, rest assured you'll join them in the land of fierce and fashionable.

5. Little Work, Big Change

Want to avoid dying your entire head of hair and significantly alter your take a look at the same time? These lovely highlights draw attention to your face and contour your hair just in time for your seasonal switchup. With a dark head of hair, they are the ideal method to present a hint of brightness without the damage.

6. Highlights the Base

The money piece makes your natural hair color stand apart too. From a brilliant platinum blonde, to raven black tresses, no matter the color of the base of your hair, it is sure to pop!

7. Little Upkeep, Fabulous Results

This enjoyable and flirty pattern needs little to no maintenance! If your natural hair receives the cash piece treatment, you won't have to fret about your appearance fading rapidly or growing out quick. With a lace front wig of course, you won't need to stress over your style changing at all.

40 Best Money Piece Hair Trend Ideas for 2022 - Hair Adviser

How to Get Your Own Money Piece Hair

However you pick to pull off this stylish color surge is absolutely as much as your level of convenience. To bring the aim to life, the magic takes place as you balayage the front strands a different color than the rest of your locks. Just decide on which color you wish to try and the enjoyable begins.

You can take the soft, subtle method to your contrast by including a little honey blonde to your chocolate brown. You can go bold and over the leading with eye-catching hints of hot fire truck red or cool cobalt blue. Take the celeb method with natural-looking highlights that are just a couple shades lighter or darker than the rest of your hair.

Either way, you simply can't fail with these lovely options! Here are your 3 approaches for bringing a little dynamic change to your look:

1. Color Your Own Hair

If you can't go out and get the cash piece, in the age of DIY, it is completely fine to bring the money piece to you! Of course, it would not be smart to attempt this stylish color method without a little experience of your own. To put it simply, attempting this appearance with no support for the first time is definitely not for novices or the faint of heart!

These highlights look their finest when you select a color that is 3 to 4 shades lighter than the base color. You normally need to bleach the front pieces of your hair as the primary step before you can attain the preferred outcome.

50 Best Hair Colors and Hair Color Trends for 2022 - Hair Adviser

If you treat your own hair, be sure to pick both a hair shampoo and conditioner that are both color-friendly. This will help you keep your look and avoid premature fading.

2. Visit Your Favorite Hair Stylist

If you desire the cash piece on your own hair, the very best choice is to get some help from a skilled specialist. Contrary to popular belief, the appearance isn't attained by managing your normal color job. The most essential pieces are toned in sections so that the color becomes light, but likewise blends in well with the rest of the surrounding pieces of hair.

Given that you wish to accentuate the location that frames your face, but you also want to make sure that you keep the appearance congruent, a qualified hairstylist will provide a flawless mix guaranteeing that your cash pieces are even.

If the highlighted hair is too small or too large for the size of your face, you'll be stuck with an extreme contrast that looks inadequately executed. A good beauty salon check out will leave you with the comfort that the color is put carefully and won't be too different from your base color. Say goodbye to chunky, thick blocks of color and hey there to a beautifully seamless finish!

3. Select a Money Piece Lace Front Wig

If you are fretted about screwing up your own locks, or merely wish to keep your natural hair free of severe chemicals, you need to take the most convenient approach possible - the cash piece lace front! Conserve time, energy, and cash as you delight in fresh brand-new highlights with a portion of the trouble. With a money piece human hair lace front wig, you can enjoy this stunning, natural-looking finish with a simple set up.

Donmily Hair Highlight Wig Body Wave Hair 13*4 Lace Frontal Wigs Ombre Wigs  Pre-Pluck Hair 150% Density Virgin Hair

( Style Tip: If you are low on funds and currently have a human hair lace front in your wig wardrobe, attempt accomplishing the money piece on the front hairs of hair by yourself!).

Short on styling ideas? Not sure of which colors will look best versus your skin? Attempt utilizing social networks or the included styles listed below for inspiration!




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