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How to Style a Synthetic Wig?

Sep 29,2023 | Bailee

Best Advice

1. While your wig is completely dry, style it.

2. For hands-free styling, consider using a chin strap.

3. Make the most of the styling head by viewing it from all angles.

4. Using a stainless steel brush, brush your synthetic wig.

5. To keep wig fibers in good condition, only use special format wig styling products.

style a synthetic wig

Tip 1: When the wig is completely dry, style it. The weight of the water will stretch the wig fibers as well as straighten the curl, causing the curl/styling pattern to be disrupted. After washing your wig, allow enough time for it to dry.

Tip 2: For hands-free styling, use chin straps. When styling your wig with a chin strap, you have the freedom to use your hands without worrying about the wig slipping elsewhere. You can also see the wig frame and your face while styling.

Tip 3: Use the styling head to see it from every angle. You can see all sides of the wig when you use this accessory. This is especially useful if you have difficulty reaching up or back to comb your wig. Use T-pins to secure the wig to the foam head when styling.

Tip 4: Comb your synthetic wig with a stainless steel brush. Styling begins with the proper brush. A stainless steel wig brush is recommended for synthetic wig fibers to prevent hair shedding and fiber stretching. A boar bristle brush is recommended for human hair wigs. Once you've found the right tool, brush the wig in a way that will aid in styling.

When brushing tight curls, waves, or soft curls with a wig brush, use short lifting strokes.

Use a wig brush for long, even strokes to achieve smooth, straight wigs.

For lifting strokes on long wigs with small curls, use a leather comb or your fingers.

To add height to any hairstyle, brush in the opposite direction of the hair first, then smooth the fibers into the desired shape.

Tip 5:To keep the wig fibers in good condition, use only specially formulated wig styling products. Avoid using products designed for human hair, such as hairsprays and gels, as these can harm your synthetic wig. A wig spray or volumizing mousse is an excellent tool for maintaining your style.

Spray the wig with hairspray.

Begin spraying from the back of the wig and work your way forward, keeping the spray 12 inches away from your head. Maintaining this distance will keep the wig from becoming overly saturated.
Change hands halfway through to help you maintain a consistent, even distance around the spray.
Spray the entire wig with a light mist.

Allow the hair to set for a few minutes after spraying.

To add volume to the hair's roots.
6 inches from the top of your head, spray.
Separate the wig fibers with your fingers and spray the spray at the roots. This will firm up the sides of the hair while leaving the ends soft and loose.
Allow the hairstyle to set for a few minutes after spraying.

It is critical not to comb or touch your wig while it is still wet from the spray because this will ruin the pre-set style. Once dry, use a leather comb or wig brush to add height to flat areas or reposition your curls. Remember to use wig spray sparingly, primarily on retouched areas. Spray buildup can harm hair fibers, necessitating more frequent washings of your wig.
The right styling tools, combined with the right styling products, will keep your wig looking beautiful and fresh. There are numerous wig care products and styling tools available to assist you in achieving and maintaining your ideal look.

What is the frequency of cleaning wigs?

The frequency with which you wash your wig is generally determined by how frequently you wear it. Your wig should be washed every two to three weeks or after 6-8 wears. However, your lifestyle influences how frequently you should wash your wig. If you're in an area with a lot of smoke, perfume, or strong odors of any kind, you should wash it more frequently. If your wig appears and feels lifeless, it's probably time to wash it.

Can styling a wig damage your hair?

Styling a wig will have some damage to the hair quality of the wig, but if you take care of it properly it will not have a big impact

Can I use regular shampoo to clean my wig?

You can get by with 1-2 washes of regular shampoo, but keep in mind that it will remove some shine and is not recommended in the long run.




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