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How To Make A Non-Lace Front Wig Look More Natural?

Aug 25,2023 | Bailee

Usually, a good human hair wig will include a lace front, and this wig creates a natural hairline. Nonetheless, not everyone has the budget to buy this expensive front lace wig, and many women opt for the cheaper non-lace front wig, which is made from synthetic hair and does not have a lace front. If you feel that this wig is not as natural as you expected, instead of wasting this wig and buying a new and better one, try to improve the situation first. Non-lace front wigs, like lace front wigs, have their characteristics and benefits. In this article, we will focus on the following topics:

I. What is a non-lace front wig?

II. What is the difference between a non-lace front wig and a lace front wig?

III. What are the benefits of wearing a non-lace front wig?

IV. How can I make a non-lace front wig look more natural?

I. What is a non-lace front wig?

non front lace wigs

A non-lace front wig is made with the same elements as a lace forehead wig, but the only difference is that it does not have lace on the front part. These types of wigs are relatively inexpensive because there is no articulated hairline, so it is not easy to do if you want your hairline to look more natural.
Non-lace front wigs, also called capless wigs (also called weft wigs or open cap wigs), are among the most common wig styles favored by many wig wearers. The structure of this wig cap is made of weft stitching, and there is more space between each weft, which is conducive to scalp ventilation and comfort.

II. What is the difference between a non-lace front wig and a lace front wig?

Front lace wigs have a more natural look. Front lace wigs can blend perfectly with your head and are the perfect choice for a natural hairline look. Because they have lace and a more natural look, lace front wigs cost more and are more expensive than non-lace wigs, but the rest is the same.

III. What are the benefits of wearing a non-lace front wig?

non front lace wigs

1. More affordable

One of the biggest benefits of non-lace-front wigs compared to lace-front wigs is that they are more affordable. They can help you save some money. So, if you are on a budget and looking for a cost-effective wig, non-lace frontal wigs are a good choice.

2. Don't damage your hair.

A non-lace wig will protect your hairline and scalp. Since non-lace wigs do not have laces, you do not have to use glue or hair adhesive. Glues and adhesives are not scalp and hairline-friendly, and we don't recommend using them on your hair often. Thankfully, non-lace edge wigs are flexible and can help you install the wig seamlessly.

3. Simple to set up

Compared to lace wigs, it is much easier to install. First, lace wigs are difficult to install because you must trim the lace to ensure it looks perfect. This can be very tiring and time-consuming, and you also need the skills. However, with a lace-free wig, there are no laces to trim, so installation is fairly easy. If you are a novice and are looking for a wig that is suitable for beginners and easy to install, a lace-free wig is an ideal choice.

4. Easy to take care of.

Ease of care is one of the first things you should consider when buying a wig, especially if you are pressed for time. Thankfully, non-lace wigs are very easy to maintain, unlike lace wigs. In the case of human non-lace front wigs, you only need to wash and care for your wig regularly with normal cleaning products, conditioning products, etc.

IV. How can I make a non-lace front wig look more natural?

Now that you know enough about non-lace front wigs, how can this wig look more natural?

1. Pay attention to the type of wig cap.

The type of wig cap you choose is essential if you want your non-lace wig to look more natural. The most common wig caps include weft/basic caps, monofilament caps, and hand-tied caps. Each of these types of wig caps has its advantages and disadvantages. But the best wig cap is the hand-tied cap. It looks natural because each hair or fiber is hand-tied to the cap. Its only drawback is that it tends to be more expensive than other wig caps.

2. Correctly handle the parting

One of the best ways to ensure your non-lace-front wig looks natural is to ensure the parting blends in perfectly with your scalp. If you have hair underneath the wig, you will need to part the wig where you intend to part it so that your scalp is directly underneath the wig. Once you have done this, apply a concealer that matches your skin tone to the parting between your hair. This will make the wig look like real hair, and you can also use a setting powder to make this concealer more matte and give you a perfectly natural look. If you don't want concealer and loose powder and want other ways to make your non-lace wig look natural, you can choose a wig with bangs and use the bangs to cover up the hairline.

3. Babies' hair

Natural hair usually has a small amount of baby hair, while wigs do not. Creating baby hairs is a personal choice, as you may not like these broken hairs. But if your wig color is similar to your hair color and you want to make it look more realistic, you can try picking out a few tiny hairs from under the wig cap and using them as baby hair. You can also trim a few wig hairs to create this effect. Please note that we are discussing making your non-lace wig look natural, not cutting hair. If you are worried that trimming too much will affect your look, you should let a professional do it.

4. Cleaning the wig

Wash your wig immediately after you buy it, as this will help remove some of the excess shine and make it more comfortable on your head. When cleaning your wig, use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for wigs in warm water, taking care to avoid using hot water as it can damage your wig. When styling your wig, avoid using hot styling tools whenever possible. If you must use them, ensure the temperature is not too high.

5. Blow dry your lace-front wig.

Blow drying your non-lace front wig is also one of the best ways to make it look more natural. Blow drying your wig will add texture to the hair and also reduce the shine that may appear in the wig. When blow-drying your non-lace front wig, set your hair dryer on the coolest option. Then continue to blow dry your hair for a few minutes. This will not damage your wig but also give it a natural look.




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