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How To Get Silver Blue Hair At Home?

Aug 25,2023 | Bella

We always like to wear cooler shades of clothing or cooler makeup in the summer so that we can look good against the heat, but what you may not know is that cooler hair colors are also very popular in the summer, those too bright shades or more subdued shades that people seem to prefer to try in the fall and winter, such as brown hair or reddish hair. In the summer, the cooler looking hair seems to give a fresher look and a cooler visual appearance. That's right! If you're not addicted to the same hair color but want to think outside the box and experiment with different hair colors, there's a new trendy hair color to try: silver blue hair!

silver blue hair

Ⅰ. What is silver blue hair?

Silver is one of the most complicated of all hair colors to try and dye, it's a very, very light hair color, so we have to make sure that the original color of the hair is a neutral tone before we dye it silver, meaning that shades of black and brown are difficult to dye to a silver tone, we need a light blonde hair color. You can probably imagine what kind of color silver-blue hair is, let's explain this hair color more professionally from a textual point of view. silver blue hair is a very fashionable and uncommon color that combines shiny silver and light blue, the combination of the two will form If it is fashionable, I would also prefer to say that it is mysterious and can meet your pursuit of unique hair color. silver blue hair looks at a glance, giving people a cool, cool feeling, especially in the summer, this hair color In previous articles, we have introduced salt and pepper hair, many people like this hair color. Still, we hesitate to try it because it is too unique, silver blue hair is much better and is worth trying!

silver blue hair

Ⅱ. How to get silver blue hair at home

1. Identify and bleach your hair

•Identify your hair color

As we mentioned earlier, silver blue hair requires you to have a neutral hair color, preferably a light blonde, in order to ensure that your dyed hair achieves the desired effect. So first, you need to evaluate your hair, if it is a dark shade such as black or brown shade hair, it is very difficult to achieve the effect of silver blue hair unless you bleach it several times, and it is advisable to bleach it several times, in different periods, with an interval of about one month between times, to reduce the damage of bleach to the original The bleaching agent will reduce the damage to your hair. If you have light brown hair, you will need to bleach it about twice, and if you have light blonde hair, as we mentioned, you can either not bleach or bleach once.

silver blue hair


Try not to wash your hair before you bleach it because bleach is particularly damaging to the scalp and hair. We need the oil secreted on the scalp and other secretions to form a natural protective layer for us to reduce the damage produced by bleach on our hair, so please try not to wash your hair.

silver blue hair


Prepare the container, gloves, bleach, and developer. First, wear gloves to avoid strong burns on your hands from touching the bleach. Then, mix the developer and bleach in equal proportions together and mix well. If you buy a product that is not fused in equal proportions, please follow the instructions.

silver blue hair

•Bleaching process

Divide your hair into even sections. This is mainly done so that you can better apply the bleach to your hair, you can use the application from the roots to the top. In addition, you can choose to divide your hair into four sections at the top and bottom and clip the other three sections together while bleaching one part, bleaching all your hair in turn. But I should remind you to put a towel or a layer of paper around your neck to avoid damage to your skin. Bleaching usually takes about 30 minutes, so check your hair every 30 minutes. After bleaching, wash the bleach from your hair with water and double-check if the bleaching has achieved the effect you want, if not, then continue bleaching again.silver blue hair

2. Dyeing your hair

•Mixing the dye

mix the silver blue dye and developer together fully according to the instructions of the purchased product, don't get the mixing ratio wrong, after all, this is a very fine hair color, and you need to mix the dye fully.

silver blue hair

•Apply the dye

Similar to the bleaching procedure, you need to divide your hair into equal parts and apply the silver blue dye to them, here you need to use a hair tool, a small brush to brush the dye so that your dad's hair is evenly colored.


After the coloring, leave it for half an hour and then wash the dye off with water. In the usual care, pay attention to reducing the use of shampoo, the chemicals in the shampoo will wash away the color of your silver-blue hair, so you can try to dry clean it.

silver blue hair

Ⅲ. conclusion

Are you interested in silver blue hair? Are you ready to change this new hair color, follow the detailed steps above and try it out!




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