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High Taper VS. Blowout Fade:Which Is Better?

Sep 22,2023 | Bella

In the realm of men's grooming, hairstyles play a crucial role in defining one's personality. Among the popular choices today are the high taper and blowout fade. These two styles have gained immense popularity and offer distinct features that suit different preferences. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between high taper and blowout fade, compare their aesthetic appeal, provide hairstyle recommendations, and help you decide which option suits you best.

Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

1. Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

1.1 Hair Length: In a high taper, the hair length gradually decreases from the top to the sides and back, resulting in a clean and sharp transition. The hair on top is usually kept longer for styling versatility. In contrast, a blowout fade features a gradual fade with longer hair on top, allowing for a fuller and more voluminous look.

Hair Length

1.2 Styling Techniques: High taper hairstyles often involve slicked-back looks, pompadours, or side-parted styles that emphasize a polished and professional appearance. Blowout fades, on the other hand, focus on creating volume and texture. They typically require techniques like blow-drying the hair with a round brush and using styling products to achieve a fuller and more tousled style.

Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

1.3 Aesthetic Appeal: High tapers offer a classic and timeless aesthetic. They are versatile and can be styled for formal and casual occasions, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking a polished and sophisticated appearance. Blowout fades, on the other hand, provide a more modern and trendy look. They add volume and texture to the hair, creating a bold and attention-grabbing style.

Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

1.4 Hair Type: High tapers work well with different hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. The gradual tapering allows for easy maintenance and styling. Blowout fades, however, are particularly suited for individuals with thicker hair. The longer hair on top helps create the desired volume and texture, enhancing the overall style.

Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

1.5 Face Shape Suitability: High tapers are generally versatile and can complement various face shapes, including square, oval, and round faces. The clean lines and balanced proportions of a high taper can help enhance facial features. Blowout fades, on the other hand, are particularly flattering for individuals with round or heart-shaped faces, as the added volume on top creates a more balanced and angular appearance.

Differences between High Taper and Blowout Fade

2.Which Looks Better? High Taper or Blowout Fade?

Determining which style looks better largely depends on personal preference and individual facial features. The high taper is a versatile option that suits various face shapes and offers a refined and polished look. It exudes professionalism and can be easily styled for both formal and casual occasions. On the contrary, the blowout fade is an attention-grabbing style that adds volume and texture to the hair. It works exceptionally well for individuals with thicker hair and provides a trendy and modern aesthetic. Ultimately, the choice between high taper and blowout fade should be based on your desired look and personal style.

3.High Taper Hairstyle Recommendations:

3.1Classic Pompadour: The high taper pairs exceptionally well with a classic pompadour. Style the longer hair on top into a voluminous, swept-back look while keeping the sides and back tightly tapered. This combination creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance suitable for formal events or a night out.

Classic Pompadour

3.2 Textured Quiff: For a more contemporary look, consider a textured quiff with a high taper. Use a matte styling product to add texture and volume to the hair on top, then gently sweep it upward and backward. This style exudes a modern and edgy vibe while maintaining a refined touch.

Textured Quiff
3.3 Side Part Comb Over: A side part comb over with a high taper is an excellent choice if you prefer a versatile and timeless style. Create a clean side part and comb the longer hair on top to the side for a sleek and professional look. This hairstyle works well for both formal and casual occasions.

Side Part Comb Over

4. Blowout Fade Hairstyle Recommendations:

4.1 Textured Crop: The blowout fade lends itself perfectly to a textured crop hairstyle. Keep the hair on top longer and style it into textured, tousled waves or spikes. This creates a youthful and trendy look that works well for individuals with round or heart-shaped faces.

Textured Crop

4.2 Curly Top with Fade: If you have naturally curly hair, embrace your curls with a blowout fade. Keep the sides and back faded while allowing the curls on top to shine. This style enhances your natural texture and adds a playful and energetic touch to your overall look.

Curly Top with Fade

4.3 Messy Fringe: For a more relaxed and casual style, opt for a messy fringe with a blowout fade. Leave the hair on top longer and style it into a textured, tousled fringe that falls over the forehead. This creates a carefree and effortless aesthetic that is perfect for everyday wear.

Messy Fringe

5. Conclusion

Choosing the perfect hairstyle between high taper and blowout fade depends on personal preference and facial features. Both styles offer distinct characteristics that cater to different tastes and occasions. The high taper delivers a classic and polished look, while the blowout fade brings attention-grabbing volume and texture. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist to discuss your preferences and receive personalized recommendations based on your hair type and face shape. Ultimately, whichever style you choose, confidence in rocking your new look is the key to making it truly shine.
In conclusion, the high taper and blowout fade are two popular and stylish options for men's hairstyles. Understanding their differences, evaluating their aesthetic appeal, and considering individual preferences will help you make an informed decision. Embrace your unique style and rock your chosen hairstyle with confidence!




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