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Wig Length Selecting Complete Guide

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When choosing your first human hair wig, you need to not only take into consideration the wig's appearance, color, cap building, as well as products, but likewise take into consideration the wig length and sizes. Different wig lengths occur with their own functions that you should be aware of. To help you pick the best hair length for your next system, we've created this valuable overview. It will let you understand what hair lengths are available, offer you a concept of where various wig lengths will certainly lay, and also extra.

By the end of this overview, you'll be able to pick a wig size that's flattering, fits your way of life, as well as enables you the level of styling adaptability you desire.

What Hair Length Do Wigs Can Be Found In?

Wigs come in 10 to 32 inches. These sizes are one of the most typical since they allow you to take pleasure in a wide variety of designs, from brief layers and bobs to extra-long extravagant cuts - there's something for everyone. Furthermore, these lengths reflect one of the most typical all-natural hair lengths.

One of the most regularly acquired wig sizes are 12-24 inches. This is no surprise given that these lengths give you simply enough hair to rock bobs, layered styles, straight designs, and also long cascading curls as well as waves. The appeal of these wig lengths is that they are neither also brief neither as well long. Even beginners can manage taking care of a wig between 12-24 inches long.

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Categories of Wig Size

The wig lengths pointed out above are normally categorized into four major classifications: short, medium, long, and extra long.

Brief Size: Short wigs are anywhere from a number of inches to 10 inches long.

Tool Size: Medium length wigs are from 12 inches to 16 inches long.

Long Size: Long wigs are from 18 inches long to 24 inches long.

Extra Long: Extra-long wigs are 26 inches as well as longer.

Let's examine each wig length in detail so you can establish which length will work best for you:

10 inch wigs: 10 inch wigs are a fantastic selection for women that like brief styles yet feel that 10 inches would certainly be too short. It's terrific for a somewhat much longer center or side part bob or enjoyable spiral curls. 10 inches falls right over your collarbone when the hair is straight.

12 inch wigs: 12 inch wigs is just enough time for a lob (lengthy bob), which is trending around social networks. Many love this length because you obtain both length as well as volume. Various other styles that function flawlessly with 12 inches include a curly bob and beachy waves. 12 inches falls near the collarbone on lots of people when the hair is right.

14 inch wigs: 14 inches is midway between medium and also long. The size functions well for designs like lengthy bobs, waves, spiral curls, or extremely limited coils. You might also opt for a bob with bangs, an A-line bob, or a feathered design with layers. 14 inches drops a number of inches past your collarbone as well as a couple of inches above your bra strap in the back.

16 inch wigs: Entering the longer lengths, 16 inches provides you a little less quantity yet even more length to play with. This size lends itself well to a wide variety of designs, from loosened waves as well as deep waves to small swirls as well as pin-straight designs. 16 inches of hair drops at ideal regarding upper body degree.

18 inch wigs: You are taken into consideration to be long and are recognized to be the most popular size that women choose. It comes down past your shoulders and also looks beautiful in a variety of designs. When you opt for this wig length, you can select curly hair, smooth straight styles, sultry waves, or any kind of other style you can think about. One of the best features of 18 inch wigs is that they permit you to really feel glam but they are not as well challenging to maintain.

20 inch wigs: 20 inch wigs are long as well as may be an excellent selection for you if you desire your hair to flow in the wind and bounce as you stroll. At this length, your hair will fall near your waist, making it wonderful for glam looks and also remarkable occasions. This length is flattering for many face shapes, however if you are usually on the go or get hot really quickly, after that this size may be difficult to endure.

22 inch wigs: Like 20 inch wigs, 22 inch wigs are wonderful for ladies that desire an appearance that'll turn heads. This size is wonderful for cascading swirls and also waves or streamlined as well as straight looks. 22 inches falls past your midsection, however isn't so long that you'll remain on it.

24 inch - 32 inch wigs: When we discuss 24+ inch wigs, we're getting involved in the "extra lengthy" area. This hair will come nearly all the method down to your hips or lower - it's long. You can use hair this lengthy in almost any kind of design you can think of.

Keep in mind that the estimates regarding where the hair falls are for straight hair only. Wavy and also curly textured wigs will show up shorter than they truly are.

Wig Length Chart

To give you a better idea of what to anticipate with each of the above hair sizes, we've included a wig length chart that reveals each length as well as where it drops on your body. This will certainly help you determine whether a certain length will certainly benefit you.

wig sizes chart

Understand Wig Length

Wig size is gauged in a really certain means, as well as recognizing exactly how it's done can assist you choose your optimal wig size. Wig sellers normally gauge wig size from the roots of the hair throughout. This appears simple, however it can get a little complex when you think about the different structures you'll come across.

Wig Lengths of Various Hair Textures

The structure of your wig has a direct result on the length of time it looks.

Straight hair - Straight hair will generally cling length, but if it is not, think about that some distributors gauge the size of the hair prior to it is attached to the wig cap.

Curly hair - Curly hair will certainly show up much shorter than you 'd expect due to its natural weave. But, given that producers gauge the hair when it's stretched out, you should take this into account and acquire hair a couple of even more inches longer than you think you'll require.

Wavy Hair - If you gauge curly hair without extending it out, you'll notice that it comes up a little short. This is for the very same reason that curly hair appears too short when you get it residence. Measure the hair after you have actually stretched it bent on see if it is true to length.

At Domlily, we go the extra mile to make sure that our hair clings length. We select long hair strands for our wigs, so the length you purchase is the size you obtain.

Just how to Know Your Wig is True to Size

Here are 2 quick directions to help you identify if your wig clings length:

1. Procedure the wig

Utilize a soft measuring tape to determine your wig with the hair stretched out. We'll get into the wig measuring action in the next area.

2. Check the wig

A high quality wig should have the same thickness from root to idea. This suggests that the majority of the hairs must be of the very same length. The thinner the ends are, the extra brief hair has been made use of.

Donmily Hair provides you wigs with thick hair from roots to ends. We assure that every one of our wigs are true to length - you should have nothing less than the most effective.

3. Just How to Gauge Wig Length

Prior to we get involved in exactly how you need to determine your wig's size, we would love to fill you in one very important point. The size on a wig's product packaging informs you how much time the hair will certainly be once it's been set up.

A lot more specifically, it's a step of for how long the hair will be as gauged from the crown of your head to the end of the lengthiest strand (while the wig is on). Say you have actually acquired a 10 inch wig: if the wig clings length, when you determine it from the crown of the head throughout of the longest hair, the dimension needs to be 10 inches.

Here is exactly how to measure your wig length in simple 3 actions:

1. Place your wig on a mannequin head just like you 'd place it on your own head. If you lay the wig down on a table, the dimension will not be exact. Do not turn the wig over.

2. Location one end of a soft measuring tape at the crown of the mannequin's head (completion that starts at 0 inches). To guarantee that you're determining at the best factor, position the measuring tape where the top of the head starts to incline downward.

how to measure the wig size

3. As you hold one end of the measuring tape at the crown, guide the determining tape straight down the back of the wig until you have actually reached completion of the hair. If the hair is not completely right, extend the hair out with your hand as you measure.

What is one of the most Popular Hair Size of Wigs?

Wig lengths of 18-22 inches are the most preferred considering that they are long and full without sacrificing quantity. They are additionally terrific lengths to check out complete, glam tries to find special occasions. They are likewise fairly very easy to take care of in contrast to exceptionally lengthy wigs.

Bear in mind that if you select a specific wig as well as you're high, the wig will appear shorter on you than someone of ordinary elevation. On the various other hand, if you're shorter, the wig will certainly appear much longer on you than females that are of typical elevation.

Just how to Pick Your Best Hair Size

Right here are some things to think about when selecting the hair length for your next wig:

1. Choose the length of time you desire your hair to look: If you desire a posh, trendy bob, go much shorter. If you want a luxe, glam look, go longer. But bear in mind that the longer the wig length is, the extra costly the unit will be.

2. Pick your hair structure: Bear in mind that curly and bumpy hair diminishes a little bit normally. So, if you want a long curly appearance, you'll have to pick a length that is a couple of inches much longer than you want your wig to lay.

3. Choose the thickness of your wig: A higher thickness wig is more likely to be complete throughout the entire size of the wig, whereas a lower density wig may not be. Discover just how to choose wig thickness.

4. Consider your face shape: Your face shape is an essential variable to consider when picking a wig hair length. If you have an oblong shaped face, you can put on virtually any kind of wig size. Yet if you have a round face form, longer lengths will be much more flattering for you. If you have a rectangular face, a brief layered design would work best for you.

Different face shapes meet different haircut

5. Consider your body functions: If you're second-rate elevation, the ordinary wig will appear longer on you. On the various other hand, if you're tall, wigs will appear shorter on you.

6. Assess your way of life: If you have a specifically active lifestyle, you need to go with a much shorter wig, so you will not have to deal with hair on your shoulders, neck, and also back.

7. Test examination examination: Sometimes, the best point to do is examine out a couple of different wig sizes to see which one will certainly work for you. You may find that you like a wig that you initially believed you would not.


Now we've obtained an inquiry for you! What's your preferred wig length? Share your thoughts in the remark area listed below.

If you're new to wigs, you've currently got all you need to pick a wig length that's right for you. Be sure to use our wig length chart to get a peek at how various hair lengths will look. And also keep in mind that if you're still uncertain which wig length to obtain, attempt a couple to find out which will work best. Store Donmily Hair for true-to-length wigs that look amazingly natural and all of a sudden stunning.

What is the best length for a bob wig?

12 inches: This is the perfect length for a chic bob or a short, messy cut. It's long enough to fall around your ears and look natural, but short enough to be easily washed and worn on the go. This is especially good for women who lead an active lifestyle.

What is the beat method of measuring hair length?

The measuring tape is the easiest and quickest way to measure hair length. Using a cloth tape measure is more flexible and easier to handle. Start by taking a strand of hair and measuring it from the top of the head to where you want it to fall.

How do I style shoulder-length hair with bangs?

There are a lot of ways! I have shoulder length hair, straight bangs, but I also have an undercut so I wear my hair in ‘space buns’ often. But you can straighten it, curl it all, do a single braid down the back. High ponytail, or bun.

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