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Does Copper Red Hair Fade And Is It Worthy?

This entry was posted in Style By Jessica

A bright red copper red hair is popular. Will it fade? Is it worth it? Let's read this article with these questions in mind.

copper red hair

Ⅰ. What is copper red hair?

Copper red hair is auburn, but a little brighter and livelier than auburn. A hair color somewhere between red, orange, and brown. It's a super warm, rich tone with a bit of vibrancy, like a copper penny. As far as red hair colors go, it's one of our personal favorites.

copper red hair

Ⅱ. The advantage of copper red hair

1. Beautiful and lively red

Copper is a beautiful color, essentially a less intense orange, enhanced by glowing yellow and red tones. People love copper because it tends to have a subtle golden undertone but gets a little brilliance from the orange. Copper is on the "warm" side of red, as all the composition of its base includes warm tones like yellow, orange and gold.

copper red hair

2. Suitable for a wide range

This color looks attractive, but it's not. Not for white skinned people, dark people can also be very suitable. Plus it's stylish, and if you don't like a heavy red-brown hair color, go for this one. Since it belongs to reddish brown, it is actually suitable for many people to choose

copper red hair

Ⅲ. The disadvantage of copper red hair

1. Does copper red hair fade?

It's a pity that copper red hair fades quickly and it's not stable enough. Copper red hair is a shade between red and orange, and as it fades, it becomes more and more orange.

2. High maintenance

Copper red is a very maintenance color that requires a lot of specialized care. Copper is a brittle color that washes off faster than other shades, so it won't last as long as other colors like darker shades. You must commit to regularly using toners and treatments in the salon every 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, if you want to keep your copper-red hair longer, use sulfate-free products, wash your hair less often, don't abuse heat tools, and use a toning shampoo once a week.

copper red hair

3. Not suitable for self-dyeing

Copper red color is not easy to grasp. You'd better operate under the guidance of a professional. The authenticity of its color also comes from your color base, too light and it will look orange, too dark and it will look like reddish brown. So this scale is not easy to grasp, or try not to try this color at home by yourself.

Ⅲ. How to go from red to copper hair?

First of all, the light red will gradually fade into copper hair, you can try to wash your red hair a few times. However, copper hair is unstable and will quickly fade to other colors in this way.

Second, you can add brown to the reddish-orange hair color. If you are red, you can add orange or a little more yellow, and the proportions can be copper hair.

copper red hair

Ⅳ. Is copper red hair worthy?

This hair color is not worth it. It depends on whether you can accept its shortcomings. Each hair color has its own highlights, but also its own shortcomings. If you want a special red and don't mind these shortcomings, I really recommend you to choose copper red hair.


Can you have natural copper hair?

Despite it's metallic name, most natural redheads have copper tones in their hair rather than the red tones you'd expect.

Is copper red hair rare?

Currently, only 1 to 2% of the entire population has naturally red hair. The gene for red hair color is recessive, meaning a child will only be a redhead if he or she inherits two copies of the red hair gene (MC1R).

Is copper considered red hair?

Joico colorist Mark Mileti described copper hair to us as the sassier sister to auburn and as the brighter and bubblier sister to burgundy. It's a super-warm, rich tone that comes with a bit of a zing, like a copper penny. As far as red hair colors go, it's one of our personal favorites.

  • Jessica
    I like copper red hair.
  • Karen M Shelton
    Karen M Shelton
    Copper red hair is special, I want to try
  • Jessica
    Excellent! Thank you for your sharing!
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