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Get up to 50% off from Donmily at a very low price. Free standard shipping is available on all products. Shop the latest Donmily sale and save up to 50% on wigs while supplies last. No code required. Exclusions apply.

Are wigs under $100 necessarily poor quality?

Not necessarily, many wigs are less than $100, but the quality of the wigs is guaranteed, they are all 100% virgin human hair, but the lower-priced wigs have less hand-woven lace, and most of them are machine-made, so the price of Lace Front Wigs with high hand-woven lace content will be more expensive; or the price of wigs with lower density will be cheaper than those with higher density, for example, 130% density wigs will be more expensive than 180% density wigs Cheaper, so buying wigs according to your budget is the most suitable option.

How long does a wig Last

With proper care and maintenance, a human hair wig can last anywhere from 1 year to 3 years. This is because they are made from natural human hair and they often maintain the softness and luster throughout their life.

What does up to 50% off mean?

For example, if a seller gives us a flat 50% discount, which is in our total, if a seller gives us a 50% discount on any item, it means the seller is holding that item for 50% less than the actual cost. The same is true in Human hair wigs. The products below this category are all sold at a 50% discount. These products are 100% human hair, but they will be cheaper than other products. This category is cheaper wigs Or cheap hair.

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