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Human hair wigs are perhaps the most sought-after types of wigs in the market for the simple reason that they are very high quality. As the name suggests wigs with human hair are exactly that; made of human hair and therefore look and feel just like your real hair. They can also be styled and treated just like your natural hair. A human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, which does not add any other hair or chemical products made of wigs. In recent years human hair wig is becoming more and more popular because it has a very natural appearance, and this wig in the use for a longer period of time, in general, you just need to take care of a human hair wig like your own hair can be, with some shampoo or conditioner, etc.In this guide, we take a look at the human hair wig and everything you need to know about it.

How to wash a human hair wig?

Simply smooth the shampoo on the human hair wig from the base to the tips of the hair. Using cool water, gently rinse all shampoo from the hair, allowing the water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips. Do not rub, wring or twist. Gently rinse until all shampoo has been removed.

How do you put a human hair wig on with long hair without a wig cap?

With long hair, you need to tuck the hair up under the wig. The easiest way to contain your hair is to braid it and wrap it around your head. If you want to wear a human hair wig longer than a day, you can also try cornrows, which are braids you weave tightly against your head.

What is the best way to curl a human hair wig?

You can use sponge rollers, a curling iron, dowel rods, or a straightening iron with pins to curl human hair wigs. With the proper treatment, your wig will be full of bouncy curls.

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