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99J Wigs

Donmily 13X4 Burgundy Affordable 99J Colored Curly Lace Frontal Wig
Donmily 13X4 Burgundy Affordable 99J Colored Curly Lace Frontal Wig
Donmily 13X4 Burgundy Affordable 99J Colored Curly Lace Frontal Wig
Discount Price: $119.33
save: $114.65
Total Price: $233.98
Donmily 99J Burgundy 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs 150% Density
Donmily 99J Burgundy 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs 150% Density
Donmily 99J Burgundy 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs 150% Density
Discount Price: $94.50
save: $40.50
Total Price: $135.00

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We know that the 99j wig is not a new type of wig. It is a hair color, which is very hyped nowadays. 99j hair color is burgundy, and this hair color can be applied to any wig, whether it's a lace front human hair wig or human hair bob wig. That's why when someone searches for a 99j wig, all wigs pop up except burgundy color. Moreover, there are no specific restrictions on wearing 99J wigs.
Burgundy is a very attractive and innovative color. In terms of color principles, red is the color at the long end of the visible spectrum, and second only to red are orange and purple. Between these three colors, Burgundy was born.
In the earliest days, people didn't like burgundy, whether it was the color of their clothes or the color of their hair, because after the end of the gold rush in America in the last century, people preferred the color of gold, and the appearance of the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe also made people more fond of blonde hair. In the modern world, burgundy hair is seen as a noble color, purple is regarded as a symbol of nobility and royalty, and burgundy hair incorporates a lot of purple elements but has a red tone as a fusion, more relevant to life, there are many celebrities and princesses of various countries will choose burgundy hair. The burgundy hair has become popular among many girls.

Can Black Girls Rock Burgundy Hair?

Black girls think that wearing or having a unique color do not suit their complexion and makes them look weird. With this fear, they stick to adapt black hair color and do not try any other color. In fact, bold colors like burgundy complement the black skin and can form a girl's special beauty. There are many videos online where black women who have never tried burgundy color, when they tried, they almost blown out by their own beauty. In other words, yes, black girls can also try burgundy hair!

How to Care for Burgundy Human Hair Wigs?

You can mantain human hair wig by following simple tips. Wash your burgundy human hair wig with only the shampoo and conditioner you used to wash your natural hair. Always air-dry your wig to keep it unharmed. Keep your wig moisturized wig with your favorite product but don't overdo it. To keep the wig's burgundy color shining at its best, when the wig is not in use, store it in a silk or put in satin bag .

Which Colour is Burgundy?

On the surface, Burgundy is a little red and purple, but Burgundy is not as flamboyant as purple and not as bright as orange. Burgundy is a hybrid color, which is composed of 50% red tones, 13% blue tones and 37% purple tones. The color 99J wig is named after the French wine Burgundy, so many people also call it burgundy, Burgundy reflects the burning passion, energy, strength, determination and groundedness.

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