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For many girls, their hair is their pride and joy. From straight and fine to thick and curly to style, every girl’s hair is beautiful in its own way. However, it's always a common concern that how should I find the perfect texture for my first wig. As you know, there's such a variety of hair texture and style jumping into your eyes when you look through your wig collection, shall I pick it by my face shape or skin color and even other factors? And which kind of virgin hair shall I choose? Have you also wondered about that? Gladly we have collected some questions from our customers always asked, and hoping they could help you in selecting the perfect wig for you!

How many different types of wig textures?

You can opt for the straight wigs, curly wigs and wavy wigs. They can all come in different variations as well, like silky or kinky. In terms of curls and waves they're available in several patterns of curly hair : water waves, body waves, loose waves, deep waves and loose deep waves (yep, that's a thing).

What must you know when you buy a wig?

Choosing the right wig that compliments your style can be difficult. Here’s the basics to consider when choosing a wig for the first time:
(1)The shape of your face;
(2)Length of the wig;
(3)Cap construction of the wig;
(4)Hair Texture;
(5)The versatility of the wig.

How To Maintain Human Hair Curly Wig?

There are various techniques that can be used to take care of the curly wig . Detangle your hair more often. To do so, use your fingers, beginning at the hair roots which may result in breakage. Next, use a wide-tooth comb. Use the paddle brush to hair smooth and style as per your needs.
Usually, wigs last for over 2 months. But if maintained properly, it can extend the period. All you require to do is care for the weave similar to your natural hair. This can be done by applying oil and moisturizing them regularly. Moreover, you must also shampoo them frequently to maintain their appearance and keep it tangle-free. This will assist you to expand the lifespan of the wigs. Besides this, you must prevent using heating devices if the wig is created from artificial hairs or synthetic fiber.

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