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Wig density is a measure between the different densities of the wig, the lowest hair density of about 50% of the highest density will have close to 200%. The higher the density represents a fuller appearance, and the lower the density represents a lighter and thinner texture. When choosing a wig, different densities correspond to different prices, 150% hair density is the most common and most widely used wig density. According to the budget for the price and styling needs to choose the most suitable for your wig density.
Generally, the best move is to buy a wig of hair density that matches the density of your natural hair. Otherwise, it will be easy for people to detect whether you are wearing a wig or not. A matching wig density will also ensure that you do not experience discomfort on the head or damage your scalp. And here're some common questions about that, and hope it could be helpful while you select your favorite wigs.

150 density wig VS 180 density wig which is better?

150% is the most common and most widely used density of wig density, the default density of the general human hair wig products is 150 density wig, it is perfect. And 180 density wig looks a little fuller, more suitable for creating a more gorgeous artistic look. Measure these two different densities of wigs, you need to decide based on your needs for styling, and price estimates. They each have their own advantages.

How to choose the most suitable for your wig density?

When it comes to choosing between different wig densities, you have to take into account the following factors: styling and style, the need for breathability, face shape, and skin sensitivity. Choose the right density wig to better adapt to the daily mix, just like 300 density wig is not suitable for girls whose native hair is already dense. In addition, the higher density of the wig also represents a reduction in the degree of breathability, in the summer want a fresh look can consider choosing a wig with a density of 150% or less. Finally, face shape and skin sensitivity is also very important factor to pay attention to.

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