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One of the most popular types of wigs and weaves is the water wave hair texture. The main reason for this is that the water wave texture blends in perfectly with most women's natural hair. Depending on the type of water wave you get, this hair is also very light, silky, and lustrous, giving you the volume you've always wanted without having to be too wavy or too curly.

What is Water Wave Hair?

The water wave weave is a weave with a texture that has a beautiful wavy pattern, somewhere between curly and straight. One of its greatest strengths is that it marries straight and curly perfectly to come up with the volume and natural look most other textures will not. The fact that you have an extra volume with the water wave makes it one of the best choices when you are looking for a weave that will give you a more natural appearance. It is also important to note that the water wave hair weaves is often thick and lustrous and although you may choose from different types like Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, or Indian, they all have this feature in common. The body of the weave is strong and full, making it very easy to style without breakage or tangling. It is also versatile enough to allow you to style it any way you want to. The styles also hold perfectly and for longer than most other types of weaves.

How to Take Care of Water Wave Hair Bundles?

The best way to take care of your water wave weave is to use essential oil products like argan oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. These essential oils keep the hair follicle healthy, ensuring that the weave remains shiny, healthy, and voluminous. If you can, you may want to avoid using finishing sprays as they are very hard to rinse off and can cause damage. Use a silk scarf to wrap the weave before going to bed and sleep on a silk pillow to avoid friction that can damage the hair. To wake up with shiny-looking hair, apply a small amount of oil to the ends before going to bed. Water wave weaves are designed to last a long time. But they will only continue to serve you if you keep them in good condition and take good care of them. The solutions above will help you keep the water wave in the best of conditions. Now take a look at the best water wave hair bundles we’ve collected for you on this page and see if there’s one that impresses you.

How to Wash Water Wave Hair Weave?

It is important to keep your water wave hair bundles clean. The ideal time to wash your hair would be when you feel it is dirty or when sweat builds up. It may also be ideal to wash the hair every week. But avoid washing the weave daily as this may cause it to tangle and break. When washing the weave, use lukewarm water as opposed to cold or hot water. Cold water can cause the weave to tangle too much and hot water may damage the strand. Use a mild, but effective shampoo and wash the hair from the ends to the top, using your fingers to work the shampoo in the weave. Avoid rubbing or twisting the hair during washing as this could cause considerable damage to the hair. You should also use a conditioner to help detangle the hair and make it easier to comb or brush. You should also avoid using heat to dry the wave. Instead, place the hair in a shadow to let it dry naturally. Avoid leaving the weave in the sun for too long.

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