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T1B613 Hair

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Dark roots, also known as shadow roots, are a coloring technique that gives hair a "vintage" look by adding depth at the roots while keeping the mid-lengths and ends bright. It is accomplished by extending the dye from the roots to the ends of the hair, resulting in a gradient of darker to lighter tones. A subtle contrast can be achieved by using a slightly darker tone at the roots, creating a soft illusion of regrowth, or adding dimension and depth. You can't go wrong with darker roots for a slightly lived-in look. Furthermore, it is a trend that works well for low-cost hair coloring and is popular among celebrities such as Ashley Benson, Diane Kruger, Kristen Stewart, and many others. You can save time and money without sacrificing your hair!

What are the benefits of dark roots hair?

1. Increases the brightness, depth, and volume of your hair.
2. Promotes healthier hair growth while eliminating the need for frequent coloring
3. Provides a low-maintenance hairstyle that eliminates the need for regular coloring for up to three months.
4. Encourages the use of a variety of colors and styles (purple, blue, even rainbow roots).
5. Can be used on hair of any length.
6. Gives your look a natural and fresh look.
7. For a great finishing touch, keep time and money to a minimum.

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