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T1B427 Straight Hair

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In the fashion trend of color hair in recent years, blonde wigs have been paid attention to and loved by many people. The honey blonde wig looks very advanced, no matter what your skin color, you can perfectly control this hair. White skin will make you look like a shining Barbie doll. For people with darker skin, the blonde color can brighten your skin tone and give you more temperament. If you are a woman with a fashionable spirit, then this color is denfinitely the one you must have.

Is it blonde bundles better than wigs?

In conclusion, choosing hair bundles vs wigs is very subjective to the customer's needs. If you want a fuller more customized look then you can go with hair bundles. However, if you want a simpler and cheaper, yet still good quality hairstyle option, then wigs may be the way to go.

What does T1B427 means, is it a good color to buy?

T1B means the root of the wig or bundles is of black color, and 4/27 means the mix color of blonde and brown, comparing to other color, this kind of color seems more natural and fits every kind of skin, and it's also easy for beginner to wear.

How do I take care of this kind of blonde bundles?

Our hair is sensitive to some natural elements such as water, the sun or air pollution, which are always ready to make our tresses brassy. If it is a blonde wig, things will certainly be worse. But there're some tips for you to take care of it:
Tip 1: Keep wig hydrated;
Tip 2: Protect wig from the heat;
Tip 3: Keep it out of the sun;
Tip 4: Finish off cold;
Tip 5: Be careful with oils;
Tip 6: Dry shampoo.

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