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Straight Hair bundles with different styles: It can easily show your most charming side on any occasion at any time. When you have fluffy hair, it naturally spreads. Occasionally from time to time, it looks like a fairy under the weeping willow. This is the confidence given by wigs. Whether you are buying a wig for the first time or as a well-experienced user, you need to know the types of straight wigs.

How do you wash a straight human hair wig?

Step 1 Pre-wash care for your human hair bundles
We have to do a good job of pre-wash care, because the human hair wig will always be a little knotted after wearing, so before washing we need to straighten out the human hair wig , with a paddle comb or use your hands to gently smooth out the knotted part, and I recommend the method is to comb from bottom to top, so it will be easier to straighten out. Please remember that when you encounter a knot that is difficult to untie, do not pull it with a comb as it will damage your human hair wig. Instead, use your fingers to gently smooth it out.
Step 2 Soak the human hair bundles
After combing our human hair wig, please prepare a basin of cold water or warm water, do not use hot water to wash human hair wig, because hot water will destroy the fiber composition of the human hair wig, will shorten the use period. Then place your human hair wig in a container with warm or cold water, place your hand gently in the cap, turn the human hair wig inside out, and then submerge the wig completely in the water. If your human hair wig is of the longer variety, you can place it under the shower to soak it wet.
Step 3 Wash the human hair bundles
After fully wetting the human hair wig, squeeze a small amount of shampoo in your hands. Here need to say one more thing about the choice of shampoo, it is best to choose a mild texture shampoo, if it is affordable, you can buy a shampoo specifically for wigs, if you have not had time to buy, use a mild shampoo. First apply the shampoo evenly on your hands, then apply the shampoo in your hands evenly on the human hair wig, using the top to bottom method to clean. After applying evenly, you can gently pick up your wig, gently rotate the human hair wig in the water, and remember not to move too heavy, or else your wig will be hurt. After we keep rotating the human hair wig when the water in the basin has cleared, you can start drying your wig, please use a towel that does not shed hair, set it on the wig stand, and natural air dry part. The human hair wig can be relatively damp, no need to completely control the moisture so that it is convenient for us to apply conditioner.
Step 4 Care for the human hair bundles
Now you can use hair care products for your human hair wig, apply about a tablespoon of wig conditioner on the wig, run it through with your fingers, also need to gently straighten it from top to bottom. 5 minutes later, put the human hair wig in water, wash the conditioner off the top, then you can use a cotton towel to control some of the moisture, and then put it on the wig stand, dry your human hair wig in a natural way.
Step 5 Last step of wash human hair wig
This step you can wait for the wig to dry naturally, you can apply a moisturizing spray on the scalp of your human hair wig before controlling the moisture to ensure that it will not be too frizzy after drying.

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