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Safty and quality

Safety And Quality

Donmily has always been a close friend to women, and we've always strived for the best in beauty, fashion and safety. Our products are made with proven ingredients, which makes each product we provide you with your own hair, real, natural and safe. We also ensure the safety of hair ingredients. Never neglecting the design and workmanship of hair, Donmily hair has become a beloved companion of modern women from young to old.

We have an independent team of designers, and we also cooperate with experts to screen each ingredient during production to ensure that each ingredient is beneficial to the hair, safe for the human body, and also protects the environment. We work with third-party independent experts to confirm the quality of our ingredients. Our vigilance never ends: we scrutinize every step of the hair treatment throughout the production process.

We meet or have exceeded the safety guidelines of leading independent and regulatory agencies to ensure our raw materials, packaging components and finished products are safe to use. And we have an official quality inspection report for everyone to check. Donmily has always put hair quality first, so that you can choose at ease is the driving force for us to keep moving forward.