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Customer Service


Donmily has always maintained the principle of customer first in serving customers. Are the following items the most basic services we provide to customers, There are more exclusive services waiting for you to explore. If you need our services, please contact us, Donmily will always appear when you need it.


Donmily Mall insists on the concept of “Excited price, trusted quality”, devoted to providing the best quality human virgin hair and trusted customer service.

We focus on the combination of customer experience and product sales listen to our customers through various channels of sharing and interactive communication, and improve the quality of products and services.

Donmily Mall provides more professional service, choose Donmily team, and enjoy your shopping time. Join us, and share your beauty!


  1. Honest product description--- We answer all the questions honestly and with patience.
  2. 24 hours online--- We will reply to you within 24 hours, saving more time for your order.
  3. Quick messages reply--- We check emails and messages within 2 hours and answer questions ASAP.
  4. Considerate packages tracking service--- We give your tracking number the first time when we send the hair out.


  1. Service guidance--- If you have any problems with your hair, contact us the first time.
  2. Timely and effective response--- We will try our best to help you solve your problems.
  3. Reasonable return policy--- Responsible for the goods that are not non-artificial damaged, and sent by wrong type, color, or length within 7 days.
  4. Professional after-sale service--- Perfect return and exchange service as well as a refund system, providing the best after-sale guarantee for you.


All the products provided by Donmily Mall will be commissioned to third-party professional logistics companies or courier Companies for delivery.lf customers are dissatisfied with our service or delivery, please contact us.

Donmily Mall and its logistics partners will take the risk of product damage in the process of logistics services.

After you receive the goods, Donmily strongly recommends that you should check the appearance, quantity, accessories, and other aspects of the goods carefully.

Donmily Mall will always focus on customer experience, and properly handle service issues during use.