Winter hair care tips

Winter hair care tips

In the dry weather in winter, the hair itself is easy to dry and split. Many beauties are very concerned about the hair is silky and smooth. This not only looks very energetic but also feels good to the touch. Here are some secret weapons for hair care, love hair care People can refer to it.

1 The care of hair roots is very important

Trees grow luxuriantly, root nutrition is very important, and the same is true for hair. Healthy hair follicles can nourish and produce healthy hair. Therefore, if you want to get beautiful hair, you must pay attention to the nourishment of hair roots.

2 Avoid any irritating substances that damage hair health

Products that truly nourish the hair will not contain alcohol and other substances, and hair care products that contain alcohol will more or less irritate the hair. Another thing to note is that in summer, many people like to use mint-flavored shampoos. In fact, the coolness of mint will also stimulate the scalp. In addition, shampoos containing salicylic acid will stimulate more scalp shedding.

3 don’t ignore shampoo

Many MM think that they don’t want to irritate the hair, just don’t need shampoo. In fact, this is extremely wrong. Washing your hair without shampoo will not achieve the cleansing effect, and it will nourish more bacteria on the scalp. Know that thorough cleaning of the scalp is the first step to maintaining healthy hair! Just imagine how dirty your face is every day? So it is recommended to clean your hair once every three days.

4 Develop the habit of scalp massage

Massage the scalp can promote blood circulation and stimulate the growth of shiny hair. The massage action can be placed in the shampoo process. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips. Each pinch movement for about 30 seconds can stimulate the scalp. If you have a dry scalp, you can consider using a massage nutrient oil. You can choose antioxidant-rich nut oil, grape seed oil, or natural antibacterial and soothing lavender oil. Before washing your hair, you can put a few drops of oil on your scalp, so that the essential oil ingredients can fully penetrate into your head, and you can relax completely while massaging.

5 Nutrition Scalp

Like other parts of the body, when the hair and scalp flourish, they need nutrients. Like olive oil, fatty acids, β-carotene, vitamin E, etc., regular “fertilization” to the scalp is an important part of ensuring healthy hair. Nourishing products containing olive oil have the effect of moisturizing the scalp and optimizing hair growth.

6 find the right comb

Know that the destructive power of a rotten comb is more serious than a hairdryer! Normally, a comb with pig bristles is relatively soft and will not cause damage to the scalp. If you have longer and more hair, then use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair gently, gently. When combing your hair, you can add some macadamia oil to increase hair moisture.

7 Avoid hair exposure

Everyone knows that sun exposure can cause damage to the skin, and the same applies to hair! Hair is also delicate, afraid of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you must wear a hat when you go out in the summer to protect your hair from the sun.

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