What hair density? How to choose the right hair density?

What is hair density? How to choose the right hair density?

If you are not familiar with wigs, you will come across terms such as hair density. In this case, human hair wigs usually have different densities ranging from 100% to 200%. It all depends on which type you like. This article focuses on helping you understand the meaning of hair density (if it is really important) and how to choose the right density. Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is hair density?

The definition of hair density is how thick or thin your hair is. Human hair wig. It refers to the amount of hair on each wig cap. There are usually different densities represented by different percentages. The hair density is expressed as a percentage and tells you how much hair is actually on the wig. However, you should note that hair density does not refer to texture.

The higher the density percentage, the fuller it looks. The lower the density percentage, the thinner it looks. As mentioned above, the hair density ranges from 100% to 200%. A hair density of 200% is the thickest, and a density of 100% is the thinnest.

The most commonly chosen hair density is 150%, which is a medium thickness and very close to the natural hair density. Most units are pre-plucked, which means they have less density around the hairline, making the units look more realistic.

Also, note that the density is different from the actual thickness of each line. You may have thick strands of hair, but the density is still low, and vice versa.

How hair density is classified

To help people easily choose the hair they like, we usually use the general guidelines for wig density. In this way, no matter which type of wig you choose, you know how it looks and feels.

The natural hair density is between 130% and 180%. However, it fluctuates based on hair processing, diet, or genetics. With a wig, you can be confident that your hair will always be as you wish. The better the quality of the hair, the less likely it is to fall out or become tangled.

hair density

When you are looking for the best human hair wig, remember that a hair unit made of 100% original human hair is the best because it provides the highest quality and natural hair.

Why is hair density important?

You may ask yourself whether hair density is really important. Well, the truth is that hair density really matters. There is a kind of fuller, fluffy hair that can make people look more beautiful. Whether at an event, interview, or in a restaurant, the first thing people notice when meeting you is your appearance. When it comes to appearance, they will look at your hair. If your hair looks pale and old, it will affect your overall image. This explains why most people who experience baldness or weight loss somehow feel ashamed or frustrated by the problem. This “why hair density is so important. Because hair density can improve a person’s appearance, it is essential and should be taken care of. For a more beautiful appearance, thick hair is a perfect choice.

Hair density is one of the main factors that determine hair styling. It is important to fully understand density because it determines how you will style your hair and the products you will use on your hair.

If you want a more natural look, you should choose a hair density that matches your natural hair density. But if they don’t have a great game, it will be easy for people to discover it.

The percentage of hair density chart, in order to help you understand the hair density, the following are some of the hair densities you will find when you are looking for the hair you want to buy.

hair density

Ultra-light hair density: 50% to 60%

For people with very little natural hair, this density is considered the lightest and most ideal. Some scalp may be visible, but it may look natural.

Light hair density: 80%

This is also an ideal choice for people with naturally thinning hair. People with thinning hair prefer it. For this density, there is very little hair on the cap, you won’t even feel it.

Light to medium density: 100%

The wig density is still light. However, it provides more coverage than a density of 80% or lower. This is the best choice if your hair is naturally thin and fine and you want to imitate its texture.

Medium density: 120% to 130%

Medium hair density is the hair closest to the natural hair density, making it a very popular choice among wig wearers. It provides volume, but not too much for a very natural look. This density is not too thick or too thin. This medium density is the perfect choice when you are looking for volume or fullness of your hair.

Heavy density: 130% to 150%

If you want a full look with a lot of volume, thick hair is a perfect choice. It provides fullness to the wearer instead of being overwhelming. For people who like very thick and bulky hair, thick is ideal.

Overweight density: 180% to 200%

This is a type of thick hair that is very common among celebrities who wear them to performances and want a plump and voluminous look. This density is also suitable for people who like plump styles. However, this overweight density is the most expensive of all hair densities. But it is worth every coin because it looks very charming.

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How to choose the right hair density?

When choosing hair density, it is difficult to know which one is best for you or which is better than another. It boils down to the look you want to achieve. If you want a fuller, fuller look, you must use a higher density, such as 150% or higher. If you want to achieve an average appearance [not too thin nor too thick], it is best to choose the medium density, which is 150% hair density.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the main factors that determine the right hair density for you. These factors include:

hair density
  1. Your hairstyle

Is it long, short, curly, or straight? Depending on the style you are trying to achieve, you may need more or less density. Generally speaking, if you have straight hair for a long time, you should choose a higher density to make it look fuller. You should also consider whether you plan to use heating tools to style your hair, as they may affect the hair density you choose.

  1. Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays a vital role in the hair density you choose. If you are an active person who often goes to the gym, it is not recommended to choose a higher density, because they will come into contact with your sweat and will easily become smelly or tangled. Instead, choose a lighter density and tie it into a ponytail during exercise. If you are a social person who always spends time on dates with friends, you can choose a higher density to get a more complete look.

  1. Your natural hair

If you want a more natural look, you should choose a density that is very similar to your natural hair. If you are not sure about your natural hair density, flatten it and pull it into a ponytail. Then wrap a flexible tape measure around the ponytail. If it is less than 3 inches, the hair density is lighter, but if it is greater than 3 inches, the hair density is greater.

  1. Personal taste

Another important factor that can help you choose the density of your hair is your personal preference. Some women prefer thicker hair, while others prefer finer hair. It all depends on your personal needs. If you like thicker hair, you should choose a higher density. If you like less thick hair, you should choose medium hair density.

  1. Your age

Age is one of the factors leading to thinning hair. As they age, they tend to experience thinning hair. So, if you want to get a more natural look with thinner hair, you should choose a lighter density instead of being overweight. Likewise, your age will determine the type of density you choose. If you are young and want a youthful appearance, you should choose a thicker density.

Through this article, do you know how to choose the density of human hair wigs? Then choose the hair density that suits you!

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