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What are the different types of lace wigs?

Perhaps the best wig on the market right now is a lace wig. This is because they look great and they are good quality wigs. They can be made of human hair, artificial hair, or a mixture of both. Depending on the position of the cap, they can be separated anywhere, but they still look normal. So what are the different types of lace wigs?

Lace wigs are mainly divided into six types: front lace wigs, lace closed wigs, full lace wigs, scalp wigs, lace partial wigs, and non-glue lace wigs. To be honest, the main contrast lies in the size of the interior decoration area.

The following editor will take everyone to find out:

Front lace wig: This wig has front lace on the front hairline, and the material of the hat will vary according to the length of time it is worn. The front lace wig is a semi-mechanical and semi-handmade lace wig. The front of the lace covers 13 inches of your forehead, providing you with 13 inches of separation space. You can separate more freely. (Three parts, middle part, and free part)

Front lace wig
Front lace wig

Lace closed wig: 4×4 lace closed wig is made of 100% primitive human hair, 4×4 Swiss lace closed and placed in the middle of the head. Since the length of the lace covering the forehead is only 4 inches, it can make the installation more comfortable and easier without the use of glue. This is why the economical 4×4 lace closed wig is also known as a wig for beginners.

Lace closed wig

Full lace wig: a full lace wig is made of full lace, and the area of ​​the lace part is larger than other lace wigs. It is more versatile because the lace is full around the scalp. You can wear ponytails and curls, but other lace wigs are difficult to do.

Full lace wig

The entire wig cap is made of a full satin ribbon. The trim is made of French or Swiss ribbons. French lace is harder, more obvious to the naked eye, and can pay more attention to the shoe shell. Although it is widely expected that the Swiss ribbon is positive and negative, it is naturally more difficult to detect with the naked eye.

False scalp wig: A pre-made false scalp lace wig does not require plucking and bleaching. No need for corn cobs and wig caps, it has a natural hairline with invisible knots, making it look like your own scalp. The lace part of the wig is composed of three layers of lace to confirm that it can be more natural and of better quality. A great choice for wig beginners.

False scalp wig

Lace part wig: The lace part wig is made by hand-tying the lace part and several bundles of hair. The lace part of the wig is like a seam with a depth of 4 inches. Regarding the installation, because there is only a little lace in the middle of the lace part of the wig, it is very convenient to wear. You only need to wear it on your head, use an adjustable strap to set the position, and fix it with a comb. The last step is to cut off the excess lace. No bleaching or glue is needed.

Lace part wig

Lace-free wig: This type of wig has lace on the front and adjustable straps on both sides. It is also accompanied by sewing in the wig search, taking into account the tight fit without glue.

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