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Advantages of color fake:

  1. There are many colors to choose from

Speaking of colorful wigs, there are many colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for hot FB30, 412, 613, 99J, ginger, gradient, or high gloss colors, you can always find a wig color that matches your personality. When choosing a colorful wig, you will be spoiled by various choices.

  1. They are perfect for summer

Colored wigs are also very suitable for wearing in the summer when the temperature rises. If you choose the correct color that does not absorb heat, your wig will feel comfortable. As we all know, black wigs absorb heat, which makes them very uncomfortable to wear when the sun is too hot. Colors that are best not to absorb heat include light colors, such as ginger, pink, and 613 colors.

  1. They are cheaper

When you buy a wig and choose to color it yourself at home, you will find that it is more expensive than buying a colored human hair wig. That’s because you have to buy dye or bleach and the necessary tools to apply bleach or dye. This will increase the cost of buying a wig, making it very expensive. So if you want to save some money, buying a colorful wig is better than dyeing it at home.

Top human hair color wig trends in 2022

  1. TL4/30/613
    This is one of the most popular variants of blondes. If you have always wanted to become a blonde, you can choose this color. It looks pretty cool. If you are not the kind of person who doesn’t like those dramatic looks, then this is a perfect color.
T1b/613 Body Wave 4 Bundles Ombre Human Hair
T1b/613 Body Wave 4 Bundles Ombre Human Hair

This color is usually suitable for any skin tone. TL4/30/613# color wigs are available in different densities, lengths and sizes to meet your needs. You can also find them in curly hair, perfect for ladies who like curly hair.

  1. TL1B/4/27
    You will love this color. Although still relatively new on the market, this color has become a huge craze. The wig is golden, but the ends are lighter. In other words, the roots look darker than the ends. The color of TL1B/4/27 looks very unique. Therefore, if you like to stand out from the crowd, this color is perfect for you. The color of this TL1B/4/27 wig has a deep wave pattern, which will not only give you a unique appearance, but also a refined appearance.
  2. TL412#
    The golden wig with brown highlights is called TL412#. These wigs are very beautiful. Blonde has the power to convey energy and fun. They can give you a complicated look. If you are considering changing the color of your wig and looking for something more leisurely, you can try TL42#. This shade goes well with any skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about it not matching your skin tone.
  3. FB30
    This is one of the most popular wig colors on the market. This color is suitable for any skin tone. DONMILY is a French word meaning “to sweep”. DONMILY is a hand-painted highlighting technique that “sweeps” the colors across random hair sections to provide a perfect blend and warm sun-kissed effect. The application starts at the root and gradually becomes heavier as it passes through the part, and finally the heaviest hair dye or lightening agent is applied at the end.
FB30 Brown Body Wave Highlight Human Hair Wigs
FB30 Brown Body Wave Highlight Human Hair Wigs

Since the lightening agent or hair dye is concentrated on the surface of each part, the bottom tends to maintain a darker color, so that the hair has a very natural effect. The result of DONMILY is usually a natural, sun-kissed effect, which is the first choice of many celebrities. It is worth mentioning that DONMILY can be performed on any hair color from red hair to blonde and brown hair. One of the biggest benefits of DONMILY high gloss wigs is that they are cost-effective because they do not require frequent touch-ups.

There are always an amazing number of blondes. So you can guarantee that TL4/30/613 colors will definitely enhance your appearance and bring out your facial features. Most hair suppliers, such as DONMILY, offer TL 4/30/613# color wigs in a wide variety of different densities and styles. So you can grab this wig color and enhance your beauty.

Try to wear the best human hair color wig to make you look more attractive, come and choose the color wig you like!

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