The difference between hand-woven craft wig and needle hand craft wig

The difference between hand-woven craft wig and needle hand craft wig

What is a hand-woven craft wig?

What is a hand-woven craft wig?

Hand-woven wigs are called hair-weaving replacement products. Needle delivery is a process of hair replacement products. It looks like a scalp on the outside, because it is made of nets and has good air permeability. Hair stylist likes this process very much, because It’s close to the direction of the growth of my hair, and it is easy to take care of.

What is a needle hand craft wig?

What is a needle hand craft wig?

Passing stitches is one of the hand-knitting techniques of wigs. Passing stitches requires two crocheting, so the workers are very hard. After crocheting, you need to use a needle to pass the hair strands one by one. Crochet the hair on the net, then pass the hair into the eye of the needle and pass the needle one by one to the other side to achieve the effect of simulating the scalp.

The needles are also divided into ordinary needles and delicate needles. The ordinary ones are two or three through a mesh, and the manual speed is fast; the delicate needles are passed one by one. The cost is high but the effect is super good, and it is longer than oneself. The hair out is too similar and more breathable.

The advantages of hand-needle craft wigs

Passing stitches is a craft in hand-woven wigs. It is also the best craft in hand-woven wigs. It uses the method of piercing a hole in one hair, so it is the most difficult and time-consuming craft to crochet.

The scalp of the crocheted wig will be more realistic. We call it a simulated scalp.

Nowadays, needle-passing wigs are the best-selling on the market, because of the high degree of fidelity, the effect is very good!

Its biggest advantage lies in the good effect on the top surface of the head, one hair per eye, the best simulation effect, and it is strong and durable.

The effect of needle transfer and hand-woven wig

The effect of needle transfer and hand-woven wig

The hand-knitted craft wig has three-dimensional hair roots, no ordinary hand-woven black spots, just like hair growing from the head, it has a three-dimensional feel and fidelity.

It can be combed into the middle part, and can also be split freely, and you can cut the hairstyle as you like.

hand-woven craft wig

Compared with the hand-woven craft wig, the air permeability and authenticity are slightly lacking compared with the full needle craft. The difference visible to the naked eye is also a manifestation of the difficulty of the craft.

The price comparison of needle transfer and hand-woven wigs

Hand-woven craft wigs

Hand-woven craft wigs with full needles, the needle production process is more complicated than the general production process. Not only the technical requirements are high, but it is also time-consuming, costly and expensive.

Friends who are pursuing lifelikeness and high quality strongly recommend the needle delivery process.

Hand needle craft wig

Hand-knitted wigs are slightly simpler than hand-knitted craft wigs, and the price is slightly cheaper. Therefore, if you want to pursue cost-effectiveness, you can buy hand-woven craft wigs.

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