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As human hair becomes more and more popular, people are faced with more and more choices in hairstyles and hair quality. As for hair quality, there are Brazilian virgins, Peruvian virgins, and Malaysian virgins. Hairstyles include straight hair, deep wavy hair, curly hair, etc.

For the current winter, most people prefer to choose curly hair or deep wave wigs. But we found that some people don’t know the difference between them, so today we will talk about deep wave wigs and curly wigs.

Deep wave wig

The deep wavy hair pattern is close to Jerry’s curls. Deep wavy curls are tighter than body waves but looser than curls. However, they have the same texture and high quality. Deep wavy hair has a silky texture and looks shiny. Of course, proper maintenance is the basis for prolonging the service life.

Meitu Hairdressing Online Shop offers high-quality deep wave virgin hair, Brazilian deep wavy hair, Peruvian deep wavy hair, Malaysian deep wavy hair, Indian deep wavy hair, and some human hair wigs. These are the best-selling textures and can be chosen freely.

Curly hair wig

Curly hair is also called Jerry Curls. It is a bit different from deep wavy hair. The curls are small and dense, full of volume from top to bottom, with a natural sheen.

The Donmily online store offers affordable curls that can meet your needs for full heads. You can choose various hairstyles, such as Brazilian curly hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, and Indian hair.

The difference between deep wave wig and curly wig

  1. Curly hair
    Deep wavy hair has loose curls, while curls are small and tight curls, so curls are relatively loose. Curly hair is more like the hair of African American women, natural.
  2. Maintenance
    Both deep braided human hair and curly hair need maintenance. However, curly hair is a “Z” type, a type that can be turned on its own. Therefore, curly hair requires a lot of maintenance and special care.

The similarities between deep wavy and curly hair

  1. Texture
    Curly hair and deep wavy hair are unprocessed because they come from young girl donors. They can be dyed, permed and bleached. Both deep wavy and curly hair are perfect for girls who are still braided and want to leave some hair. They can blend well with any natural-textured hair.
  2. Curly hair
    Many customers mix deep wavy hair with curly hair because they have similar curly patterns. But no matter how similar, there are also differences, and you will find out if you look closely.
  3. Maintenance
    Deep wavy and curly hair have curls. As we all know, curly hair needs more care. Because they are drier than straight hair. Although they look strong, they are fragile and easily tangled. Because it is tightly coiled hair, they all require high maintenance to maintain for a long time.

Through this blog, we hope you can learn more about these two different hairstyles. If you are looking for cheap human hair wigs, Freya is your best choice. Freya recommends the best quality deep wave human hair wig for you and provides you with a super coupon code: XN8.

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