It’s cold, have you chosen your “scarf”?

In addition to clothing items for autumn and winter, some effective accessories also play a very important role. Why do many girls always complain that their outfits are too simple? In fact, it is because these so-called small details are not well grasped.

It’s not that you need to make every step to the extreme when you match, but at least you have to wear features. The key is that the style needs to be changed frequently, so that you can truly achieve the effect of fashion diversification.


As soon as autumn and winter arrive, all kinds of down jackets and sweaters all over the street begin to show up. In addition to these common items, there is also a style that is often praised by everyone when it is matched. It is a “scarf” .


Fashionable scarves flew freely in the wind. Everyone loves them, but they are also a little afraid. The most worried thing is that they may not wear them well. So today we are going to carry out a “scarf” small dry goods book, let you be beautiful in the details.

One,Know the scarf

The scarf was born in the 17th century. The scarf was only a signal in the war at the beginning, but because it became the favorite of the French king, it became a popular accessory at the time.

Later, everyone’s understanding of scarves has become more and more in-depth, and this kind of jewelry has gradually become a single product for women to create a sense of charm. It is extremely natural to match the temperament and image of women, so scarves have become more and more widespread.


In fact, scarves can be used not only on women, but also on men, but most of the time, women accept more styles of scarves, and the probability of using them is higher.

Women who are afraid of the cold come to wear a scarf in winter, which can play a very good warmth, and can also be used as some single-product accessories, so that the overall shape has more depth, and it will not appear so monotonous.

Two, in-depth understanding of scarves

What are the ways to wear it?

  1. Jian Phi method

I found that some girls are really obsessed with wearing scarves, and they must wear them to their satisfaction, otherwise it always feels impossible. In fact, there are many ways to wear scarves, but I don’t think it is so troublesome.

As long as it doesn’t look so messy, and it doesn’t fall, it’s fine. Jane drape is a very simple way to wear. I think lazy girls can use this as a basis. You only need to wear one side of the scarf back, so that the sense of shape is complete.

  1. Circle method

As the name suggests, the method of wearing in a circle is to tie a few circles around your neck. Of course, this does not mean that you can mess around. It still requires skill. Only by understanding the method of tie, the knot will be more three-dimensional. feel.

This kind of system is more about your proficiency and whether you are agile and fast. The high-level wear method does not have too many prefixes. Although it will be a little casual when tied, it is also good-looking.

  1. Enveloping system method

The enveloping method is actually similar to the circled method, but the enveloping method is even simpler. This kind of system is very simple, first you wrap the neck around, then the basic process is completed, if you want to look better overall.

Then go deeper, but remember not to tie it too tight, or it will go against the original intention. The shape of the tie will not be simple and textured enough, and it will even affect the overall shape.

Three, different styles and different styles

Pure color system is more simple


Plain scarves are the most difficult to step on when matching, and the style is also the one that has always been unfailing. No matter what kind of single product the pure color is used for, it has a good performance, and the chance of stepping on thunder is also low.

So I think if you don’t have so much inspiration for matching girls, don’t have such a big pursuit when you wear them. It is not impossible to make good use of this pure color single product, and the style is more popular.

Color matching is a bit retro


The color-blocking scarf looks very retro, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can handle it well. For this kind of item, some people not only don’t wear it brightly, but also reduce the fashion.

So when girls are matching, this style must be selected well, combined with the single product to match, like this kind of color matching is generally more complicated, so the choice of clothes should be as pure as possible.

Lattice series niche college style


The single products of the plaid series are more niche in style and more girlish. Everyone should wear plaid shirts. Simple and fashionable plaid shirts have always been synonymous with youth.

College-style girls, when matching autumn and winter, choosing a small plaid scarf can not only reduce the age, but it is not too ordinary, and the chic atmosphere is still very strong.

Four, specific collocation display

Color-blocking scarf + pure black sweater


The color-blocking scarf made up of several colors, although it does not look as complicated as the pattern, it is still a bit cumbersome, so the matching of this young lady is worth recommending, her idea of ​​wearing is relatively clear .

The small black sweater is relatively simple in style and color, so the dazzling feeling can be reduced. A small scarf seems to be a good shawl. If the scarf is not bad, the leg-cut jeans are super extra and the overall shape is elegant. And atmospheric.

Warm Scarf + Warm Sweater


Warm-toned scarf can bring out its style according to its color system. The warm color is not ordinary and the style is quite stylish. The soft beauty of this color tone will be more prominent, so it will be more suitable for niche and girlish styles. Girl.

The beige sweater is used as the background color, and the skirt is dark gray. The overall matching style is literary and artistic, and the orange scarf does not affect the atmosphere of the whole body. On the contrary, the image is optimized.

Fringed scarf + windbreaker


The dark apricot scarf has a niche beauty, and at the same time it has a very elegant atmosphere. This type of single product is a bit white. The design of small tassels makes the clothing less monotonous.

The color of the windbreaker jacket contrasts with the small scarf, but it does not affect its fashionable shape at all. It looks good and has a sense of layering, and this color is not ordinary, and the warmth effect is also quite good.

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