Human hair wig care after dyeing

Human hair wig care after dyeing

Introduction: Summer is a colorful season, wigs and hair strands are unwilling to be lonely, I want to make a colorful excitement. The color of the Human hair wig after dyeing is beautiful, but the hair quality is not as good as before, and the hair color of the wig can not be maintained for a long time, and it quickly degenerates into a maddening color. Today, we will tell you how to maintain and care for dyed wigs.

Human hair wig care after dyeing
  1. Don’t neglect the pre-dyeing care of the wig

The pre-dyeing care of the wig has been ignored by everyone; if the pre-dyeing care of the wig can be done in advance, the color of the wig after dyeing can be more shiny and soft. If the wig is not washed three days before dyeing, the sebum film of our scalp can be covered. On the scalp, a natural protective tent is formed to insulate the hair dye and reduce the dry damage when the wig loses moisture when dyeing the hair.

   In addition, if you want to minimize the damage to your wig by dyeing your hair, you can do wig hair mask treatment at home, or you can go to a professional hair salon for a special hair care before dyeing. This will make your hair quality good after changing hair color. Now many professional hair styling agencies also have procedures for pre-dyeing wigs. Apply pre-dye care products before applying hair cream, which can reduce the quality of wigs during dyeing. Excessive injury.

2, pay attention to sun protection for hair just after dyeing

   Summer wigs are more directly attacked by ultraviolet rays than the skin. The scales of the wigs just after dyeing are opened. If exposed to the sun for a long time, it will not only make the dyed wigs more fragile, but also not conducive to maintaining our hair color. How to enjoy the sun beautifully and protect the wig: spray the essential oil maintenance spray before going out to smooth the frizz and form a protective film, and it is easy to use and suitable for carrying; it is essential to repair after the sun, choose a skin care agent with color lock effect and The oil-replenishing hair mask intensively repairs.

3, 3 ways to stay away from the troubles of decolorization after dyeing

   Wig dyeing is most afraid of fast decolorization, and it will not take long to make up the color! Try to do this every time you wash your hair:

  1. High temperature will make the dyed hair fade, so apply a disposable hair conditioner when the wig is half dry before blowing it to resist the heat damage to the wig. In addition, it is best to use the negative ion function of the hair dryer, and use the low temperature gear when using it.

  2. After drying the wig, use a disposable lock color protector.

  3. When shampooing, use color-protecting shampoo to gently rub the hair, and do not wash the wig too frequently. The color-fixing shampoo launched for dyed wigs can lock and close the color, improve the color stability, delay the color fading, and greatly increase the life of the dyed hair.

   In addition, it is best not to wash the wig within 1-3 days after dyeing your hair. Pay attention to the PH value when choosing shampoo after dyeing your hair. The shampoo time should not be too long. Don’t let the shampoo stay on the wig for too long to prevent the hair from fading.

  1. Hair care after dyeing: different hair color care methods for different wigs
Human hair wig care after dyeing

Wigs have different hair colors and different care methods! Among all hair dyes, red has the smallest color molecule and is the easiest to color, but it is also the easiest to fade. The black molecule is the largest, the coloring is slow, and the color fading is also slow. When choosing hair care products, red can not use products containing protein repair ingredients, which will make the color fade worse. But brown and black can be used to help repair damaged hair after dyeing the wig.

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