Water wave hair

Hey ladies, this is Freya wig navigation. Are you a busy girl? Do you hate that water waved hair becomes big, curly, and out of control? Well, what we will show you today is how to tame those curls, reduce frizz, and how to easily have beautiful and perfect curls. Follow all steps to make sure that your swelling hair is no longer out of control.

 First, make sure that the weft yarn is sealed. Remember that long water wave hair will always fall a little bit more because there are more hairs in the weft, so it is heavier. We recommend that you use weft sealant, which is a good adhesive. It locks the hair in the weft for fixation. You can keep your hair for about a year or two.

Many times, water wave hair becomes curly due to weightlessness. It needs a lot of products, but many times we don’t use enough products on it. So it does not have enough weight, which is why the hair becomes so big. If you put weight and product on your hair, it will fold or calm down. In addition, by combing, it becomes curly, and then you can see the natural shape of the water wave hair you bought.

Before putting any water or conditioner into your hair, you need to make sure you have combed your hair. Make sure you get it and let all the products go through every part of your hair. Curly hair is completely wet because this will make your hair naturally frizzy. If you don’t comb and separate each thread, it will look fluffy.

We found that if you let the hair dry, the water wave curls will be more natural. But if you don’t have time to let it dry, you can dissolve it. Some coconut oil helps to lock the moisture in the hair. But some people worry that coconut oil will make their hair look greasy. do not worry! It does not make hair look greasy. It can keep it away from frizz.

Some transparent universal gels can also help you stay away from frizzy hair. Add some to the comb and comb the hair from root to end. Use a little gel directly at the end so that it does not swell.

Remember, if you don’t have enough product, your swelling hair will fluff up. If you put the product on it, please be generous. Wear the product, it will make the hair sag again. We hope you enjoy this tutorial. thanks for reading. Meitu Xiu Hair provides you with the most affordable real-life wigs, so you can get what you need www.donmily.com This is a special coupon, coupon code: XN8. If you need a water wave hair wig, please don’t hesitate to buy it now.

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