How to let the hair stylist make their own satisfactory hairstyle

How to let the hair stylist make their own satisfactory hairstyle

I often hear complaints, and I’m not satisfied with my hairstyle every time! Some people also complain that every time they finish their hairstyle, they are far from their expected results! Some people say that doing a hairstyle is like a gamble, you don’t even know what your satisfied hairstyle looks like until the end!

This situation does exist. It can only be said that you have not found a satisfactory hair stylist, or your requirements are too high, but your own conditions are not met. Beautiful hairstyles must come from the hands of hair stylists. The hairstyles you see on the Internet are all classic hair stylists, but most of the eye-catching hairstyles you see on the street are the result of your own meticulous care. In other words, three points depend on the skills of the hair stylist, and three points depend on their own maintenance and care.

So what does a satisfactory hairstyle look like? In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. The good or bad of the hairstyle is the benevolent, the wise and the wise. Everyone has different aesthetics, different facial features, different hair quality, volume, and style temperament. Just make the same hairstyle, which is also a hundred people. of. If you have to give an answer, it should be like this: you make a hairstyle and three people say it looks good, it should be the best hairstyle for you. As for dissatisfaction, you can only measure it by yourself.

Why are you always dissatisfied with the hairstyle you make? Let me analyze these four points for you. You will understand after reading it.

The first point: the expected hairstyle does not match its own conditions


Many people don’t understand their face shape, head shape, and hair texture. They just look at the hairstyles they think look good and think they can make them too. The fact is just the opposite. No matter how good a hair stylist is, if your hair conditions are not available, he will not be able to give you the effect you want.


For example, you like some natural and soft curly hairstyles, but your hair is soft and lacks elasticity, and it is impossible to perm. Because the natural type of curly hairstyle is very picky, even if the stylist is highly skilled and uses the top perm potion, your hair condition is not allowed, and he will not be able to perm the soft and curly hairstyle you expect.

The same is true for cutting hair. Many people ask for the same style with celebrity hairstyles. After cutting, they find that there is a big gap between them and the celebrities. Even if the hairstyle is cut exactly the same, but you don’t have the look of a star, of course you can’t cut the same feeling. This is caused by the mismatch between the desired hairstyle and its own conditions, so you must remember: no matter how good a hairstyle is, it is not suitable for nothing!

The second point: Hairstyles for photo styling and hairstyles in life are not the same thing

Many good-looking hairstyles on the Internet are not necessarily real ones. Most of them are styling, posing, retouching or post-processing. This is why you rarely see the same hairstyle on the street as on the Internet. If you want to make such a hairstyle, you can only stay in the photo. In life, such a hairstyle is not practical, and it is difficult for you to manage the same hairstyle effect as on the Internet.


If you are holding a hair style with an electric roller and asking the stylist to perform the same effect, it is definitely impossible. Because styling and perm are two different things in themselves, it is the popular styling iron that simulates the styling effect of an electric roller, but there is still a big difference between the feeling and the styling of the perm.


This is like, some girls with big faces want to make their faces become small faces through a hairstyle. In theory, it can be done completely, and there is no problem in reality. The hairstyle that can be made is only suitable for taking pictures or posing. For example, princess cuts or face-lifting bobbed heads. These hairstyles use hair to cover the face. When still, the face looks very small. But in real life, you need to study, work and live. You can’t stick your hair on your face as a whole to make yourself look thin, right? So, this hairstyle is good-looking, but not practical.

If you don’t understand this, just say that if you change to 100 hair stylists, no one can make a hairstyle that you are satisfied with.

The third point: nitpicking and demanding too much

Some people are extremely demanding. Every time they cut their hair, they have to check in the mirror again and again. Even if a hair is missed or slightly longer by a few millimeters, she can find it out. From the consumer’s point of view, there is nothing wrong with it. Hair stylist should strive for perfection and make the hairstyle impeccable.

The pursuit of perfection is the ultimate goal of every hair stylist, but it is a very tedious and complicated job to make hair, especially for perm and dyeing. It takes more than a dozen procedures and can achieve 80% of the goal. They are all masters of masters. A slight flaw is inevitable, as long as it does not affect the overall beauty and effect, it should be forgiven.

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However, some people just hold on to these small flaws, which not only affect your personal mood, but also affect the harmonious relationship between the two parties. No matter how skilled a hair stylist is, it’s impossible to cut the hair exactly the same as the last time. After all, this is a manual job. A slight difference is normal. If you always stare at these small things, it will cause the so-called Every time I do my hair, I’m not satisfied. This can only mean that you are too careful and the requirements are too high. If you are not satisfied, you can raise it, and the hair stylist will do their best to satisfy.

The third point: bad luck, never met a hair stylist who understands you

Some people are really out of luck. Every time they do their hair, they will encounter some careless, inexperienced, and flawed hairstylists. It is difficult to be satisfied with the hairstyles that do this.

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There is basically no such thing as dissatisfaction for people with good conditions and people who are not very demanding. Only people whose heads are not standard, their faces are not beautiful enough, and their hair conditions are not ideal, will the requirements be higher. Consumers of this type are not willing to change hair stylist easily, because it is really difficult to find a hair stylist who understands you.

In addition, people who frequently change hair stylist can also easily lead to dissatisfaction with their hairstyles. Because every hair stylist has his own technical project that he is best at and his own technical style. Only when the two parties reach a consensus on this point, the hair style made will satisfy you. Every time you change a new hair stylist, it happens that the technical style of the hair stylist is not to your taste, and dissatisfaction is prone to occur.

It is recommended that you do not change when you meet a suitable hair stylist, because the new hair stylist is not familiar with your situation. If the communication and understanding are not in place, errors will occur. If you find a hair stylist at random, there will be a risk of “gambling”. No one will know whether you will win or lose until the end of the draw. This is also a major cause of dissatisfaction with your hairstyle.

I think that a satisfactory hairstyle is almost the same as you imagined. The hairstyle you like and the friends around you admire are all praise your hairstyle, which is the hairstyle you are most satisfied with.

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