Wash the wig

How to clean the wig so that it will not be damaged?

Nowadays, more and more people wear wigs, but few people know how to maintain it. So how do you properly maintain your wig?

Stand the wig upright and comb it with a looser wooden comb to make it smooth and comb it from beginning to end. Turn the wig over again and expose the wig cover so that it is easy to clean.

Add the shampoo to the cold water, stir it together to let it soak, then put the wig in the water and soak it for about three minutes. Avoid prolonged soaking and avoid direct cleaning with hot water.

Be careful when washing your wig. Don’t rub it. If you rub it, it will only make the wig fall off. It is best to clean it by pressing with your hands.

When using the press, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly, and then add some conditioner, put it in the water again, soak it for three minutes, no need to rinse again.

Use a dry towel to gently press the wig, then put it indoors to let the wig fall naturally, and then use a hair dryer to dry the hair. After it is dry, comb gently with a wooden comb, because wigs are not suitable for humid environments.

It is best to clean the wig once a week. In order to make the wig more beautiful, spray the hair spray on the wig after it has dried to ensure its beauty.

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