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Hello, do you know the main difference between lace closure and front lace? Do you know how to choose between a Closure wig and a Frontal wig? Lace closure wig or belted lace closure? Today, we will talk about the difference between lace closure and front lace. Besides, under what circumstances would you wear any of them.

The main difference between lace closure and lace front

The main difference between the lace closure and the front of the lace is the area of ​​the lace sheet. Lace seals can usually only cover from temple to temple, and the rest is the hat. But the front of the lace extends from ear to ear, covering the entire hairline.

Closed or frontal, which one should I choose?

If you are considering wearing a wig when you are on vacation, such as on the beach or in the tropical rain forest, or if you plan to swim or climb a waterfall. Reality wig. In short, if you want to participate in activities that require moisture and moisture, we recommend that you use a lace seal.

In addition, if you are a fitness enthusiast, please exercise more and sweat more. We will also recommend lace closures for you. The reason is that the lace seal does not have to be glued. Lace sealing can provide you with more convenience without using glue. You can take it off before bathing or going to bed. This will be the best way to protect you. A lace-closed wig will make you feel most comfortable.

In addition, lace sealing is minimal to zero maintenance. If you get a lace closure wig or a lace closure with a strap, you may need to return it to your stylist every three weeks, which can save you a lot of money and time.

Lace front will give you the most natural hairline. Very suitable for attending some important occasions. Lace wigs require more hair care and more time to install. Because lace covering the entire forehead is used, it is generally best to glue it up. Otherwise, it may slip off.

You can design the lace front wig in many different ways. You can make a middle part, a side part, any part you want because it covers from ear to ear. Even if you tie your hair up or tuck it behind your ears, it looks very realistic because the baby’s hair runs along the hairline.

Last but not least, lace closure is much cheaper than front lace. If you are on a budget, a closed lace wig or a lace closure with straps will be much better for you. In addition, if you are a beginner in wigs, please choose lace closure. But if you don’t need to consider hair care and price, you can choose a lace forehead to create a natural hairline.

Donmily offers lace closed wigs and lace front wigs. You can also get human hair bundles with closures according to your preference. For short hair, you can choose a two-band seal. For the usual look, a three-band seal is sufficient. If you are looking for a volume appearance, the four-belt seal is best for you!

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