How much is the lace front wig

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The price of a frontal lace wig mainly depends on the hair quality and lace area. 100% real human hair wigs are definitely more expensive than synthetic hair wigs. The more wigs in the lace area, the more money it will cost.

All the lace wigs are handmade, with the spirit of craftsmanship. The craftsman in the lace part should have steady hands and clear eyes to make sure that every hair is tied to the lace. More importantly, they need to patiently tie up their hair one by one. In a sense, a lace wig is not only a wig but also a work of art.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some top human hair brands (especially in offline stores) sell lace front wigs between 400 and 3,000 US dollars.

For those top wig brands, in addition to high material costs, they also need to bear other high costs, such as labor costs, rental costs, marketing costs, etc.

All these costs will be transferred to the product price, and their customers will eventually be able to afford it. Not to mention that their customers still have to pay premium prices for top brands. So you see? This is why offline wigs are usually more expensive than online wigs.

You may be wondering, “What if I need a good quality lace front wig, but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars?”

good question! This is why Donmily Hair was established.

Affordable price, luxurious experience. Donmily hair continues to provide high-quality 100% real hair at an affordable price. No extra cost transfer (shop rent/shop design and decoration/shop staff salary), Donmily hair can provide lace wigs at very favorable prices.

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Super affordable lace front wig:

13x4 Lace Front Curly Wig
13×4 Lace Front Curly Wig
13×4 Body Wave Lace Front Wig
13x4 Transparent Lace Front Wig
13×4 Transparent Lace Front Wig
T part frontal brown Loose Wave Glueless Lace Wig

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