Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

Customized Thanksgiving Day, Warm Love Wig Hairstyle

Thanksgiving is coming, who do you need to thank? I am grateful to my parents, teachers, and all those who help me…but donmily thinks that we should also be grateful to our children, our children, which brings infinite joy and vitality to my life;

It is our children who opened up a new life for us and gave us the opportunity to re-realize life;

It is our children who let us re-recognize ourselves and grow up again.

Grateful to our children, for the happiness and enlightenment they give us.

Of course, I must also be grateful to you on the mobile phone, thank you for your silent support to me.

So Donmily has especially collected several loving styles of wig hairstyles, which are very suitable for the situation, especially to share with you.

Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle
Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle
Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

Hairstyle making tutorial:


Divide the hair into upper and lower parts. Tie the upper part into a ponytail.

Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

Then dig a small hole under the bottom of the hair loop, stuff the ponytail inward, and turn it over from above.


Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

Divide the top-turned ponytail into four equal parts, and braid them until the ends of the hair are tied according to the three-strand twist braid. Tie the hair underneath into a low ponytail.


Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

Tilt the two small braids on the left side one after the other, winding them into a “C” shape, and fix them with small clips to perfectly show the natural arc. The same goes for the one on the right.


Thanksgiving Wig Hairstyle

After the arcs on the left and right sides are fixed, tie the braids and the lower ponytail together, and untie the braids, and comb into straight hair.

Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the ponytail tied at the bottom, fix it and you’re done!

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