Black women wig buying guide

Black women wig buying guide

If you know which wig is best for you in terms of convenience and style, you will agree that finding the best wig for you requires trial and error. Whether it is style or material, it is important to choose a wig that makes you feel comfortable.

The right choice can improve your overall image, while the wrong choice may ruin it. Therefore, in this section, we will outline the main features that you should pay attention to when buying a wig.

Lace position:

As mentioned earlier, over time, there have been quite a few types of wigs. Today, you will find several different types of wigs on the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For convenience and better understanding. wigs are divided into full lace wigs and front lace wigs.

The price of full lace wigs is usually higher than that of front lace wigs. Therefore, which type of wig you want to buy depends on you. If your budget allows you to buy a full lace wig, then you must buy it. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, then lace will help you in this regard.

Hair type:

The hair used in the development of wigs has certain standards. The most popular among them are 6A, 7A, and 8A. Even if they have been further divided. in order to better understand, we will keep it simple.

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As the number of grades increases, the quality begins to get better. Class 6A hair is thinner than class 7A.

Moreover, the hair in 7A is very balanced. and you will find that the irregular and double-headed hair in 7A is much less.

Similarly, in 8A, the quality of hair is much better than in 7A. These hairs are thicker and smoother than 7A, and the entanglement in them is negligible.

However, as the standard increases, you will also see a corresponding increase in prices. Therefore, it ultimately depends on your budget and the projects you are willing to invest in.

Hair texture:

The texture of the hair can be defined as the overall appearance of the hair. Unlike hairstyles and fake hairstyles, the texture does not depend on the budget. There are many types of textures to choose from in each price range. However, each texture has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main texture is curly and straight. Curly hair tends to be tangled a lot and requires a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, straight hair is not easy to tangle, but it is difficult to carry.

However, when you decide on the texture of your hair, you should only look for the texture that suits you best. Because no matter what type of texture you end up with, it will have some problems, but at least you will have the style you want.

Natural and synthetic:

Both natural and synthetic wigs have their own trade-offs. Natural hair, obviously, looks and feels natural. In addition, natural wigs can be dyed and permed just like natural hair. Their service life is much longer than synthetic wigs, and they have a variety of textures.

The downside is that natural hair wigs need to be cleaned, conditioned, and restyled, which makes them high-maintenance. When exposed to direct sunlight, their color will fade over time. In addition, they are more expensive than synthetic wigs and are usually heavier.

The synthetic wig on the front is easy to care for. You can simply wash and dry them, and they will return to their original condition. They are versatile and come in different colors and styles, so you can save time to visit a hairstylist. They are much cheaper than natural wigs, and good wigs look as natural as possible.

The disadvantage is that synthetic wigs have an unnatural sheen.

They will not last that long, and the daily wear time is expected to be only four to six months.

Generally, they are not heat resistant, otherwise, they cannot be curled or straightened.

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