13x4 lace front closed

13×4 lace front closed wig care skills

If you wear lace front closure, then you will know how they can add natural beauty to your appearance.

which is not possible with any other type of hair weaving.

Freya wig navigation will always be your first choice for the best weaving. Let us learn about the core skills of lace front closure. Now we will share with you some effective techniques to care for your human hair 13×4 lace front closure.

  1. Protect it while sleeping

Before going to bed, your lace front closure requires special care and attention.

The best way to protect the fabric while sleeping is to wrap it in a silk scarf and tie it loosely to secure it.

This not only helps prevent damage but also greatly reduces friction on the hairline, which can affect the natural appearance of the hair. You should also avoid using a wet braid to go to bed, as this can cause your hair to be messy and musty.

  1. Choose hair products carefully

With the right product, the product you use in daily wig maintenance plays an important role, which will ultimately affect the condition and final appearance of your wig.

Many products sold in your local beauty supply store or pharmacy contain very high alcohol content, which promotes tangling by creating a high alkaline pH.

As a high-quality connoisseur’s hair, you may have heard the hot discussion about sulfate-free hair products. We always recommend avoiding the use of sulfates as much as possible, as they are usually too irritating for the delicate hair in braiding. In fact, some can even strip off the keratin coating on the hair, making it more prone to tangles.

Sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing leave-in conditioner can smoothen frizz, make hair easier to comb and give you flawless hair. Remember, you can’t treat your lace front closure like you would a scalp-this means not scratching, scrubbing, or combing.

  1. Regularly comb

Although you should not comb the lace closure you have sewn in, you must make sure to comb it regularly to keep it in its best condition. When brushing your teeth, start close to the root and continue to the tip every day.

Be sure to gently stroke your forehead and comb your hair before washing your hair to reduce the number of tangles.

Because of this high-quality virgin hair used on the forehead is of high quality.

Before trying to wash your hair, be sure to use the paddle brush to comb your hair as thoroughly as possible. Before shampooing, use a form of pretreatment, which will reduce the amount of drying that occurs. It can be dyed and bleached; however, we recommend that you either come to the salon.

Please visit your local professional stylist for this procedure instead of trying it yourself to make sure it is done correctly.

  1. Avoid overheating

Just like your own hair, the lace is closed on the front and cannot withstand excessive heat. Keep heat styling to a minimum as much as possible, and avoid drying your hair. Excessive heat will make your knitting dull and fragile. We encourage our customers to explore heat-free styling methods.

For example, if you like curly hair, you can use a soft, bendable curling iron to make beautiful, non-damaging curls all night.

Your lace front wig has many advantages, including its wearing style and relaxed elegance.

However, you must ensure that you provide extremely careful service for your 13X4 front lace seals because an effective maintenance program is essential to keep your equipment of the best quality.

Check your wig and determine the best possible care you need to keep your hair in top condition day after day.

Freya wig navigation provides a variety of lace sealing styles.

such as body wave front sealing, straight lace sealing, and curled lace sealing for your choice. Our goal is to provide you with quality services and the best hair products at affordable prices. Please remember to purchase the wig discount code: XN8

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