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Donmily Deep Wave Virgin Hair 1 Bundle
Donmily Deep Wave Virgin Hair 1 Bundle
Donmily Deep Wave Virgin Hair 1 Bundle
Discount Price: $37.76
save: $12.58
Total Price: $50.34
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave Curly Hair 3 Bundles
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave Curly Hair 3 Bundles
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave Curly Hair 3 Bundles
Discount Price: $105.12
save: $93.22
Total Price: $198.34
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave 4 Bundles Human Hair
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave 4 Bundles Human Hair
Donmily Malaysian Deep Wave 4 Bundles Human Hair
Discount Price: $141.15
save: $37.52
Total Price: $178.67

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Deep wave Malaysian hair is a very famous and trusted hair type in the market. The Malaysian hair extensions are mostly made from the hair of people of Southeast Asia. If you want to look like celebrities, then this is the best option for you.

This type of hair is incredibly shiny and soft and blends very well with different kinds of faces and hairstyles. People who love to wear natural virgin human hair, they love Malaysian hair. It proves to be durable. They can be washed, dried, and also styled as the way you want. All thanks to the amazing Malaysian women.

Key Features of Donmily Deep Wave Malaysian Hair

Getting to know about a hair type is difficult. But deep wave Malaysian hair is the most popular hair extension.

1. It has great volume: Malaysian hair is best known for its thickness. If you have thin hair, then don’t worry! Because Malaysian hair has a great body and volume. If you add 2 – 3 bundles of deep wave Malaysian hair to your natural hair, you will get your desired look.

2. It's unbelievably shiny: This type of hair has much shine in it. It also has a smooth texture to it.

3. Tangle-free: It does not tangle. If you comb through your hair, you would not see any hair falling off.

4. Virgin hair: The hair is all human hair. As you can understand by the name, the hair comes from Malaysia.

5. Looks good on everyone: You don’t have to fear that this would not look good on you. Because one of the special features of this hair it blends well with all the hairstyles and face structures. The bundles are unprocessed. This quality makes the hair more natural.

6. Lasts a long time, but with proper care: With proper care, deep wave Malaysian hair can stay for more than one year. If you want, you can color or even bleach your hair. It is made of human hair so it will still be fine!

Types of Deep Wave Malaysian Hair

We are getting to know a lot about Malaysian deep wave hair with closure. Then why not see what are the types of it? This will make your decisions much easier. There are two types:

• One is Virgin deep wave hair, and another is Remy deep wave hair. Virgin deep wave Malaysian hair is a type of hair that is nor processed or chemically treated. The hair remains in its natural state. The cuticles and all the hair remains intact. Even they run together in the same direction. If you want, you can color, bleach, or style the hair. As it is natural human hair, it does not show any adverse results.

• Another type of deep wave Malaysian hair we can generally see is Remy hair. In Remy deep wave Malaysian hair, all the cuticles tend to run in the same direction. But there is a vast difference in Remy hair and virgin deep wave Malaysian hair. Remy hair is chemically treated. It is done to add some color or texture. But the cuticle still stays together and remains intact. The deep wave Malaysian hair with closure, may it be 100% virgin hair or Remy hair, does not tangle at all.

How to Maintain Deep Wave Malaysian Hair

You have to put effort if you want your hair to last long. With great look comes great responsibilities. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of them.

You should use good quality shampoos and conditioners on the hair. Before washing the hair, do not forget to detangle it. Always detangle it with your fingers. Do not get rough or use your fingernails on the base. It will loosen the hair strands. Wash the hair with moderate temperature water. Wash the hair first with shampoo followed by conditioner. After washing the hair, rinse it thoroughly. Place it somewhere clean and well-ventilated place to get dry. Do use essential oils to lock the moisture in your hair.

You also have to take care of your hair if you decide to sleep with your deep wave Malaysian hair on. Do wear a silk or satin cap to bed, do not use cotton. Cotton absorbs the moisture out of your hair.

You can also braid your hair up. Braiding the hair keeps the wavy texture safe and also does not damage it. You can style, color, or even bleach your hair. But make sure you are using the correct tools and products for it.


If you want everybody’s eyes on your hair wherever you go, then deep wave Malaysian hair is for you. Choosing the perfect hair extensions for your hair can sometimes be challenging. Choosing the perfect hair type comes through a series of trials and errors.

But it would be an excellent suggestion to go for deep wave Malaysian hair. It goes with all the hair types, has a shiny and smooth structure, and also adds significant volume to your hair. You will never get disappointed with a deep wave Malaysian hair.

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