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Half wigs are a great way to let your natural hair reach its potential, allowing your face to be framed by the natural beauty of your own hair while the half wig creates a fabulous fullness from the crown to the back. half head wig is a wig that only covers part of your head.
Half wigs are known by many different names: half wigs, half head wigs, ¾ (three quarter) wigs and half and half wigs. They each achieve the same goal – adding volume, length, and celebrity-style glamour to your own natural locks.
Half wigs.
What we can hear in the market such as half wig human hair, hats with hair, and so on, are actually a half wig. Generally speaking, the half wig consists of a soft mesh cap, half wig covers only half of the head, in the mesh cap, has a comb behind and in front of the interior of the half wig. That is to say, when we wear a half wig, half of it is our own hair and the other part is the half wig. This design can greatly increase the realism of the wig wear so that your hair will look more fluffy and fuller with wearing of half wig

Different Types of Half Wig Styles

Half head wigs or ¾ wigs are hairpieces that are quick and easy to attach. Blending seamlessly into your own hair to create a natural look with sound volume, length and bounce. We have a fabulous range of half wig styles, from short bobs to longer lengths.

How to Choose a Half Wig?

There are so many gorgeous styles, colours and textures available in our half wig collection. So before anything else, choosing the right wig is the first step to salon hair. When choosing your half wig style, you must first consider the reason why you are wearing that. For example, do you want to change your style without a full-on salon trip.

How do you hide a half wig?

One way to incorporate half wigs into your hair style, is through creating a top knot bun. Combining your own hair and the half wig into the bun will create volume and result in a glamorous look. Bring the bun high up on the top of your head to help disguise the half wig.

What is the difference between a half wig and a full wig?

• Full wig costs more than half wig
We have to admit that no matter what kind of wig, if you want good quality and comfortable wearing, you need to spend a lot of money. Because it is 100% handmade, Full wig, need to manually embed each hair in the soft lace, in order to achieve a comfortable and realistic effect. This process is very delicate and requires a lot of time and effort, so the price of a full wig is more expensive than a half wig. Half wig is also popular because it is more affordable.
• Half wig and full wig have different wearing methods
Full wig is composed of a mesh cap that can completely cover your head, you do not need to take care of the original bangs, because most of the full wig has been matched with bangs, or already for you to deal with the wig's hairline, etc. It is very convenient. Half wig has many different colors of ties for you to match, and wig styles without ties will leave the front part of your hair out so that your original hair can be mixed with the wig and will make your hair look more natural.
• Half wig and full wig have different maintain methods
Compared to the full wig, half wig does not require you to take care of lace every day, you just need to smooth the hair on the wig, the entire wig hanging on the wig stand, so that it will not be tangled. The full wig requires the user to spend some time to clean the lace in the cap, which will take some time.

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