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Donmily hair provides the highest quality and offers a natural-looking style and soft feel. Regardless of which wig type you choose, be it lace front human hair, Remy human hair, or one of our other options, there is nothing quite like the feel, weight, and movement of a high-quality 100% human hair wig! We assure you that every wig from Donmily is sourced from human hair and has the same quality as the original hair. In the featured wigs section below we have carefully prepared for you a few wigs that are very comfortable and can be shaped.
Headband wig: As its name implied, a headband wig is a hair wig that comes with a headband. To be more detailed, a headband wig is the type of wig with human hair sewn on a wig cap, along with a flexible and silky headband attached.
Bob wig: When it comes to the Bob wig, originated in the early 18th century and was very popular in colonial America and at the English court. Today we have designed many kinds of bob wig styles in the market for beauty and comfort.
Half wig: Half wigs, in fact, are known by many different names. What we can hear in the market such as half-head wigs, hats with hair, and so on, are actually a half wig.
U-part wig: V part wig also called a thin part wig, is an upgraded version of a u-part wig. It comes with a mesh cap with hair knotted on the cap to give it a more natural look. V part wig is much similar to u part wig, except that it has a V-shaped opening at the top, which is much thinner that the u-part unit.

What are those headbands called?

These headbands are sometimes called earbands, which are made from a broad strip of heavy fabric, and have a contoured shape designed to fit over the ears, forehead, and neckline. The wig cap of the headband wig is made of breathable fabric material. With 4 combs around the cap and an adjustable Velcro at back, the elastic cap covers around 3/4 of your head, so the headband wig is also referred to as a half wig.

What is a blunt bob haircut?

A blunt bob haircut is a shorter hairstyle that's cut into a straight line at the ends. Bobs have proven themselves to be transcending time with its endless variations. One of the more popular versions of this is the blunt bob because they're haircuts without layers.

What are the similarities between a half wig and a full wig?

Half wig and full wig all have numerous styles Whether a full wig or a half wig, you can create a variety of looks if you want. Both half wig and a full wig can provide you with a very realistic wig look.
Half wig and full wig all have various colors and lengths. Both half wig and full wig come in many different colors and lengths. You can choose the color you want according to your preference and daily match, such as black brown, etc. I believe that length is also a crucial factor when choosing a wig, longer wigs can be tied in a ponytail or do a coiffure, providing us with more styling possibilities.

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