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Donmily Deep Wave Light Brown Piano Highlights Hair Color Human Hair Glueless Wig
Donmily Deep Wave Light Brown Piano Highlights Hair Color Human Hair Glueless Wig
Donmily Deep Wave Light Brown Piano Highlights Hair Color Human Hair Glueless Wig
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FB30 is a color created by mixing #1B and #30 two colors, off black and medium auburn. Use off black as the base color and mix medium auburn to make dazzling highlights. If you are someone who wants a special hairstyle but is too afraid to try bold colors or blondes, then FB30 is definitely a color that suits you best.

What Is The Difference Between FB30 And 1B30?

As we have mentioned above, FB30 mixes off black base and medium auburn highlights together. In other words, FB30 refers specifically to the vertical medium auburn highlights based on black hair. While 1B30 simply represents the mixing of #1b and #30, without specifying how the two colors mix. You can understand that FB30 and 1B30 are the same in color combination, but 1B30 covers a wider range.

Why Choose FB30 Color Wigs?

FB30 hair color has always been popular with all ages and styles of girls. To get wonderful FB30 hair, choosing an FB30 hair wig is the best option for African American girls. Some advantages can prove FB30 hair wigs are worth trying.

What is the difference between colored hair and non colored hair?

The scientific difference between hair color & hair dye A hair dye goes inside the hair to colour it and thus, the colour produced by the dye is usually long lasting. On the other hand, a hair colour stays on the surface and paints it from the outside only. Therefore the effect of hair color fades much faster.

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