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Deep wave bundle is the trending style among people all over the world. The reason behind this is that such hair goes well with every style and occasion. Hence, a growing number of users, particularly women, are fond of deep wave hair wigs. Deep wave hair has a cheap price, which is also one of the major factors for the rising demand for the product. The deep wave wig is currently the most popular human hair wig on the market, it has a variety of types such as bob deep wave wig, straight hair deep wave wig, loose deep wave wig, and deep wave lace front wig, and so on.
Regardless of the type of deep wave wig, they all have the feature of blending perfectly with your own hair, it is a little more compact than a body wave wig, and with proper care, a deep wave wig can last for a long time. Whether you are looking for style or want to add volume to your hair, a deep wave wig is your best choice to help you regain length and improve the overall condition of your hair. 100% human hair is used to make deep wave wig a better material, and with proper care, deep wave wig will have almost no tangles or hair loss. The deep wave wig has an almost perfect look with very sleek curly waves, it comes in any length you want, long hair deep wave wig is very accentuating, and short hair deep wave wig flatters your face shape. Overall, a deep wave wig looks like a nearly perfect wig, deep wave wig is not just one type as many people think, it is a variety of types.

What's the difference between deep wave and water wave?

1. Price comparison
For each of you to buy wig products, in addition to concern about the characteristics of the wig itself, will need to compare the price of different wig styling. After all, everyone wants to buy good value for money items. Of course there may also be differences between brands. In terms of wig brand Donmily, according to the Donmily website, the price of water wave wigs range from $90 to $160, with an average price of about $120. While the price of loose deep wave wig range from $140 to $190. So, looking at the opposite side, the loose deep wave wig wig will be relatively more expensive.
2. Longevity and maintenance cost comparison
Water wave wig can last up to a year if well maintained, and are very cost effective. Loose deep wave wig, because to maintain the loose fluffiness, may require more money and time to maintain. But with good maintenance, it can also last up to 12 months. The easiest hair to maintain is the water wave wig. This hair is versatile, multipurpose and fairly easy to style and color. With this piece, you can create any form you want. This large hair is affordable and can be quickly accepted and maintained in every style. It takes less time to comb through, but you can enjoy your new hairstyle for a long time.
3. Curl pattern
The curl pattern of aqua hair is not in one direction. You can imagine to imitate water wave wig. Water wave wig is characterized by constant swaying and movement. The direction of each ripple is different when driven by the wind, and by the same token, the water wave wig is made in the same way. And the loose deep wave wig is in the same direction, in order to look more neat.
4. Hair volume
Water wave wig look more hair volume than loose deep wave wig.
5. Appearance
Water wave wig will look more like a depth bomb, more fluffy and inflated, the advantage is that it will look smaller face. Loose deep wig is neater, with more volume and shine, and has the advantage of being more sophisticated.

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