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T1B427 Body Wave Hair

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In contemporary Western culture, women with ombre blonde hair bundles are often more beautiful than others. Do you want to have a ombre blonde wig?
The weather is gradually hot, there is a feeling of summer within the air. it is time to urge a replacement hair wig for the approaching new season. Ombre blonde hair color is matchable with summer and vacation. Why are honey blonde wigs so popular?
With Ombre blonde hair, there's such a lot of versatility that will be added to form your own. Highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, the list is endless! Are you trying to find suitable blonde hair? There's indeed a blonde hue out there for you, so let's find it!

How do you take care of body waves?

To keep you hair weaves in good condition, you have to treat body wave weaves, which is made out of Virgin human hair, just like your own hair. To wash it softly and use our special shampoo to prolong its service life. You can also use your favorite conditioner for extra softness and protection of your hair weft.

How do I keep my blonde wig from frizzing?

The most important step here is to keep your wig hydrated. So, make sure to apply leave-in conditioners or hair oils to your wig often, and spend time deep conditioning it when you wash it. Aside from adding moisture to the human hair, make sure you use a heat protectant on your wig and store it well.

How do you take care of colored wigs?

Mild shampoos are ideal for colored wigs. To remove the shampoo from the wig, rinse it with cold or lukewarm water. Rinse it until there are no traces of shampoo on the wig and the water is clear. Then use a microfiber towel to dry off the wig before you apply the conditioner.

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