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Donmily Malaysian Curly Hair 4 Bundles
Donmily Malaysian Curly Hair 4 Bundles
Donmily Malaysian Curly Hair 4 Bundles
Discount Price: $105.19
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Total Price: $136.61
Donmily Jerry Curly One Bundle Human Hair
Donmily Jerry Curly One Bundle Human Hair
Donmily Jerry Curly One Bundle Human Hair
Discount Price: $38.84
save: $19.13
Total Price: $57.97

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Malaysian curly hair is one of the most popular hair extensions for many women. Most women choose this type of hair since it is low maintenance as compared to other types and it tends to maintain the style better than other curly hair choices.

Features of Donmily Virgin Curly Malaysian Hair

The different types of Malaysian curly hair wigs and weaves that you will find here at Donmily have several distinct features. They include the following:

1. All Malaysian curly hair weaves are made of 100% Malaysian virgin hair. This means that they maintain the quality of the natural Malaysian curls.

2. The hair has also not been chemically treated making it not just safe for you to wear, but also easy to maintain and capable of holding the style for longer.

3. Since the hair is made of 100% Malaysian human hair it can be bleached, dyed and re-styled as toy see fit.

4. The natural strands also last longer up to 8 months or even a year with proper care.

How Many Malaysian Hair Curly Bundles Do you Need?

You will notice that we sell the Malaysian hair curls bundles in different sizes from 8inches to 26 inches. The number bundles you need to fill your head will depend on the dimensions you want to purchase. For a shorter weave (anything between 8 and 16 inches), 2 bundles are often enough for a full sew in. any longer than 16 inches will need 3 bundles to fill the entire head.

We often sell deals with 3 and 4 bundles of Virgin Malaysian curly hair weaves. All of our bundles are reasonably priced to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

How to Care for Your Malaysian Curly Hair Weave

Like we mentioned before, in most cases the Malaysian curly hair bundles that we have can be very durable. They often last up to a year with proper care. So, the question we get from most of our buyers is; what is the best way to care for Malaysian Curly hair weave?

The first thing you need to realize is that the texture or Malaysian curly hair requires a lot of moisture and maintenance. To maintain the curls, you need to activate the curls every day. The best way to do that is to use a mixture of water and conditioner. Make sure that you purchase a moisturizing conditioner that will keep the curls healthy and defined.

You can also choose to wash the hair. But it is advisable to only wash the hair once a week. Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo and avoid combing the weave while it is still wet to prevent damage. If you can, allow the weave to dry naturally. But if you must use heat to dry the hair, ensure that you are using the moderate setting to avoid damaging the hair with heat.

Our Malaysian curly hair bundles are some of the top selling items we have in our catalogue. They are ideal when you want to add more volume to your natural hair since Malaysian hair tends to be thicker than most other types of hair. If it is your first time purchasing a Malaysian curly weave, we recommend choosing a 2 bundle package and a shorter dimension. This is the most ideal way to get used to caring for this type of natural hair weave.

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