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Cap Wig

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Cap wig is the perfect ready-to-wear solution for all ladies whether you have hair loss or not! Nothing could be easier than beautiful hair that is attached to a hat or cap! Imagine how convenient it could be if there is no styling needed, just put it on and go out! Wig cap and hat hair, something deserve to be loved.

Is wig cap good for hair?

Some ladies find wig caps to be advantageous as a protective barrier to their scalp. Particularly for ladies with total hair loss, a wig cap can protect a sensitive scalp that can become irritated from a wig being worn directly on the head.

What is cap wig?

A capless wig (also known as a wefted or open cap wig) is one of the most common wig caps, which is used and loved by many wig wearers. The cap construction is made from wefts that are sewn together, with more space between each weft for breathability and comfort.

What is a medical cap wig?

A Cranial Prosthesis aka (Medical Lace Wig) is the latest development units. It is a medical term used to describe a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from long term or permanent hair loss problems.

What is the difference between a cap and capless wig?

The only difference between these two types of wig caps is the crown. The crown on a traditional wig is made by a closed lace piece, while the crown on an open cap wig is made from open lace strips. This allows the capless wig to be more breathable and have better ventilation.

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