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The Brazilian water wave hair is one of the most popular types of weaves and the most recommended by hair professionals for African American women. The reason for this is very simple; the Brazilian water wave hair weave is much closer to African hair in terms of texture and is also quite easy to manage and style when properly cared for.

Popular Types of Brazilian Water Wave Hair

There are two very popular types of Brazilian water wave weave. They include the following.

1. Virgin Brazilian Water Wave Hair: This is a water wave weave that is 100% virgin, meaning that it has not been subjected to any chemical processing. This type of hair is by far the most popular type of weave because it is more natural than any other type of weave. It is also much healthier which means it is very durable compared to other types of hair. This makes it much easier to manage and style in any way you want without losing the quality of the hair since virgin human hair weaves don't shred or break, it will last longer than other types.

2. Remy Brazilian Water Wave Weave: The Remy hair weave is different from the virgin hair in that it has been treated with special chemicals. These treatments are meant to make it easy for the hair to be colored and for the dyeing or bleaching process to be successful. In many ways they are more enhanced than the virgin hair although they tend to be lower quality and hence can be cheaper.

How to Maintain Brazilian Water Wave Hair Weave

Whether you have a Remy or virgin weave, the proper care of the weave determines how long the weave will continue to serve you. The following are some of the proper care tips you should consider using.

1. Wash the weave no more than once a week and ensure that you are washing the weave with lukewarm water. During washing, use only natural shampoos and conditioners.

2. If you can, allow the weave to dry naturally. Avoid using heat such as blow-drying and flat irons as much as you can. If you must use heat however, it is important to ensure that you only use the moderate heat setting.

3. When the hair is wet, use only a wide tooth comb to the hair. This will prevent shedding and breakage that can damage the weave over time. Also, don’t comb the hair too vigorously as this can cause the loss of the curls that make the weave so desirable.

4. Do not attempt to detangle the weave when it is dry as you could cause unnecessary damage and make the curls appear frizzy.

5. When going to sleep, wrap your hair in a silk cap and sleep on silk pillow cases. This helps to avoid shedding and breakage. Apply a small amount of oil to the hair’s ends before going to sleep to help maintain it moisture.

How to Keep Brazilian Water wave Curly

The curls on a Brazilian water wave give it the look that most women seek. But after a while and without proper care, the curls can lose their luster. There are several things that you can do however to ensure that this doesn’t happen. To begin with, it is a good idea to use moisturizers and conditioners to ensure the weave remains lustrous. But it is important to make sure any products you use should be natural products with no harmful chemicals that can damage the hair.

Other than using great products to maintain the weave’s luster, you should use the tips above to take proper care of the weave. The less damage the weave suffers the healthier the curls will appear and the longer it will continue to serve you.

Brazilian water wave weave with closure are easier to put on. But once the weave is on, it is up to you to properly care for the weave to ensure that it remains curly.

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