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Our body wave Brazilian hair weave is made from 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair, making it look and feel like natural hair would. Because it looks very healthy and is flexible enough to be styled in numerous ways, it is not surprising that the weave is becoming very popular among users. Our Brazilian body wave is the most ideal solution when you want hair that will make you feel confident and as good as you want to feel every day.

The virgin human hair that is used to make this Brazilian Body wave means that the weave is very durable. This means that it will not break or tangle, giving you the chance to style the weave any way you want to without having to worry about the durability of the weave.

Key Features of the Donmily Brazilian Body Wave Hair

The following are some of the features that make the Donmily Brazilian body wave weave the best solution for you.

1. Our Brazilian body wave virgin hair is made from 100% unprocessed hair. It is free from any chemical processing including dyes, bleaching, perms or even harsh industrial washes. This makes it not just safe for you to use, but also retains the strength of natural hair.

2. The texture of the weave makes it easy for it to blend in perfectly with your natural hair. When it is the same color as your natural hair, it will be impossible to tell the difference between the weave and your own hair.

3. This Brazilian body wave weave is also extremely versatile. This means that you can style it however you want without losing its smooth lustrous texture. You can color, straighten or curl it as needed.

4. Donmily Brazilian weaves are available in a number of different textures including curly, deep wave, straight and loose wave styles.

5. You can choose your preferred length from a variety of lengths starting from 8 inches to 30 inches, depending on your needs.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles or 4 Bundles

The Donmily Brazilian body wave weave that we sell can come with 3 bundles in the package or 3 bundles. Bundles make it easier for you to purchase just enough hair for you and your needs. For example, there are people who prefer to purchase 3 bundles rather than 4 because 3 bundles may be sufficient to fill their head.

But it is important to realize that the number of bundles you choose should be determined by the dimension of the weave you've chosen to purchase. For example, when you want to purchase the longer dimensions from 14 inches and above, we recommend choosing the 4 bundles rather than the 3 bundles. This will help you maintain the volume and shine of the hair even if you choose to dye, straighten or curl it.

How to Care for the Body Wave Brazilian Hair

The body wave Brazilian weave is durable since it is made from 100% virgin human hair, but there are steps you can take to ensure that the hair continues to serve you for the longest period. The following are just some of the things you should keep in mind.

1. Avoid using heat to style your hair as much as you can. If you must use heat, be sure to apply a het protectant before styling to protect the hair from damage.

2. Do not sleep with wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair can cause tangles that can be difficult to remove without breakage.

3. Weft sealing is a good idea. It reduces shedding which can increase the life of the weave.

Popular Body Wave Hair Styles

Because of the versatility of the weave, the body hair Brazilian weave can be styled in hundreds of ways. The following are just some of them.

1. The High Ponytail : The high ponytail is very easy to do and perfect for formal occasions and events. The Brazilian Body wave looks great in this style particularly if you choose longer dimensions.

2. Body Wave with Part Side : The side part looks great with the body wave wig. The side part also adds more volume and is very easy to do; all you have to do is part the hair on the side and let the waves fall on either side of your face.

3. Short bob body wave : The body wave can also look great as short hair. With the bob cut, you can choose a side part or a middle part depending on the shape of your face.

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