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The late 20th and early 21st centuries saw some of the most iconic fashions of the last century. Whether it was low-rise jeans or bubblegum pink velvet sweatshirts, the era's fashions are making a comeback. If you're looking for nostalgia, then check out these Y2K hairstyles that will take you back to the early 21st century. Just like the years, hair trends come and go. One thing is for sure, good hair trends never go away. The trends you knew and loved as a child and teenager will always find a way to bring them back, for example, Y2K hairstyles.

Since early Y2K hairstyles are making a comeback, we wanted to give you a look at all the styles you should add to your hair book. In the 2000s hairstyles were all about space buns, dreadlocks, and flipped ends; in 2022, we're taking these looks to the next level. It helps you find inspiration for how to achieve this hair trend with hair accessories at home and in the salon.

How do I get an early Y2K hairstyle?

Once you've donned your low-rise jeans, vibrant cardigan, and small purse, you'll need the perfect 2000s hair color. One of the more popular early 2000's colors lately is thick highlights. Some people leave their highlights blonde, and sometimes we add bright colors on top. Once your chunky highlights are all ready to go, you'll need some hair accessories to complete your Y2K hairstyle, like butterfly clips, claw clips, and dazzling bobby pins. In addition to hair accessories, there are a few hair products you should have on hand that will make it easier to bring your Y2K hairstyle to life. When you're styling your hair, you'll also want to have a pack of hair ties and a fine-tooth comb on hand so you can create the ideal part and style.

What bangs were popular in the 2000s?

The most popular style of bangs in the 2000s was known as "antenna bangs". This is where two thin pieces of hair form a frame on either side of your face while the rest of the hair is pulled up in the back. The next time you go to the salon, you can ask your stylist about face-framing bangs, and they will know exactly what you are talking about. In addition to the "antenna bangs," side-swept bangs are also very much in line with the 2000s hairstyle. Longer side-swept bangs are very popular. They're the easiest, no-commitment option as far as bangs go. If you already have face-covering layers, you can part your hair to the side and sweep them across your forehead with a large round brush and a blow-dryer.

What were the popular hairstyles of the 2000s?

Want to know what popular hairstyles were back in style in the 2000s? We've rounded up five Y2K hairstyles for you to try, and once you do, you'll probably want a time machine.

1. Flipped Ends

Flipped Ends

For a popular look from the early 2000s and 1950s, try flipped ends. Flipped ends can be added to many looks, including ponytails, half-buns, and even braids. This look is beloved by many. Although reminiscent of the 1960s, flipped ends are a classic Y2K hairstyle that adds dimension to hair, whether it's down or tied into a ponytail.

2. Mermaid curls

 Mermaid curls

Bring some interesting texture and volume to your hair by curling it. Curly hair was all the rage at the turn of the millennium, but it's quickly going out of style. The latest version of this look is the "mermaid hair," which uses a three-barrel heat tool to achieve a similar but looser curl. This style is perfect for humid days, as the added frizz and volume only amplify the look of mermaid waves.

3. Space Buns

3. Space Buns

Space buns are a popular style for all hair types, and this style is easier to achieve because they don't require any tools and can be created simply by using the natural texture of the hair. To try it for yourself, part your hair in half and twist it into a bun at the top of your head. This hairstyle can also be made into a half curl by simply pulling the top of your hair into two buns and leaving the rest of your hair loose. This 2000's hairstyle is out of this world, literally. Add some edge to any look with two large space buns.

4. Claw Clip-In Updo

4. Claw Clip-In Updo

Claw clips are the perfect lazy day hair accessory. Originally a Y2K fashion staple, they've become part of the modern model's day off wardrobe. Styling your hair with claw clips is as easy as twisting the length of your hair to the back of your head and securing it with a large enough claw clip. Updos are the perfect hairstyle for any occasion, whether you're running errands or going on a dinner date. Just clip your hair with a clip and you're done.

5. Butterfly Hair Clips

5. Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly hair clips were all the rage in the 90s, and nothing says early 2000s like butterfly clips. Nowadays, we're seeing more and more people on Instagram starting to re-use butterfly hair clips to style their hair, and they're the perfect accessory to enhance the look because you can accessorize them in so many ways. Most of the original butterfly clips were metal, shiny, or brightly colored plastic, but we prefer the more realistic butterfly clips of today. These clips also offer a great deal of versatility, as they can be added to almost any hairstyle and hair texture.

6. The zigzag part

6. The zigzag part

For those who want to get back to the retro vibe, zigzag sections are becoming more and more popular on TikTok and among celebrities, and nothing screams "zigzag" hair like a zigzag. Use a comb to part your hair into the desired shape, and you're good to go.

What does Y2K hair mean?

The term "Y2K" refers to fashion and beauty trends that were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

How do you style Y2K?

Think shiny materials, chunky, trendy sneakers, pleated skirts, baguette bags, wide-leg jeans, and colorful sunglasses. Music, films, and the decor of those times are excellent sources of the Y2K aesthetic, with some of the biggest influencers in Carrie Bradshaw, Bratz Dolls, and films like The Matrix and Mean Girls.

What is Y2K makeup?

In the last year, "Y2K beauty" has made a big comeback. The trend updates some of the most popular beauty looks from the 1990s and early 2000s, such as frosted eyeshadow and ombré lips. A few brands have launched brand-new Y2K-inspired beauty product collections to help you try the trend at home.

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